Thursday, July 22, 2010

Working on Rested.

Lately I have lost interest in end game.  Raiding has fallen down to a minimum lately and no one wants to raid any of the earlier raids for the sake of getting achievements only.  That is something that I really want to do.  I like getting achievements even if many of them are now walk in the park easy.  It is still fun to get them.

I have never cleared Ulduar and only cleared Naxx once.  I need only one more achievement from OS to finish them all, the one to do it with 8 or less.  I need all the 25 ones from that one as well.  I want to get all those things done before Cataclysm.  Sure, it is easier now but not as easy as it will be later and add to the fact we do not know if they are going to keep those achievements once Cataclysm comes out so I am getting into the stretch of the last few months where I might even be able to get them.

Being I can't get people up to do those things I have become more and more into leveling alts lately.  Mind you that I do not dislike that.  I still have a lot of skills I need to level up and that is something I want to do and I do enjoy the leveling process with the exception of 48-58.  That area of leveling still sucks.

I have a slew of characters to work on and I've decided that instead of grinding just one or two to 80 which I can do quick enough I am going to work on rested time only.  My Shaman and Priest are at or near 0% rested daily being I do a few quests with them each day and that brings along enough kills to use all their rested.  I have my Warrior (which I am leveling with Refer a friend), my Rogue, my Mage and my Warlock to work with.  My Warriors rested will stay at 100% being the refer a friend stuff does not use the rested experience.  So I have to rotate between my other three, the Rogue, Mage and Warlock. 

Thing is that right now my Priest, Mage and Warlock will all need to share the BoA gear so I will have to pass it back and forth.  My Rogue is really behind on leatherworking even if his skinning is already outlands level.  So for him it is either go on a skinning spree so I can make the stuff or to buy a ton of rugged leather off the market.  I will check prices and see what is more cost effective.  If the price of leather is so high that it would make more sense to collect it then I will collect instead.  I'll have to add to the collecting average that at least there I am still getting some experience and lots and lots of meat to sell on the auction market.  So when weighting time vs money I would have to say if the leather is less then 1g per it is worth buying, if it is more then 1g per it is worth grinding.  Then I need to work on leveling lock picking.  Which is the main reason I made the Rogue to begin with.  However, now that I have a blacksmith in the middle of Oulands and over 300 skill already the lock pick skill is not as important as it used to be.  My Blacksmith will be doing 400 boxes before my Rogue will most likely.

My Mage is in the same situation.  I am only level 53 now but need to take a step back to gather herbs to catch my Alchemy up some.  It is so far behind.  I can pick nearly all old world herbs already, but still need tons of the mid level ones to level up Alchemy.  I think that might actually be worth buying over picking.  Firstly, it is not as abundant as leather.  Getting leather also gets me experience and meat.  Getting herbs just gets me into fights to slow me down.  Also, it seems herbs are mostly dirt cheap.  Even the top level ones are less then 1 gold each with the exception of Lichbloom and Frost Lotus of course.

My Priest is really a none issue.  It is Tailoring and Enchanting.  Just from questing I will get all the Enchanting materials I need and all the cloth I need.  Not to mention all the cloth I get from other characters can be sent over as well.  So getting those up will not be an issue, they are both over 400 already with making no real effort really.

My Warrior becomes an enigma when it comes to skills.  I am leveling it without skills.  That is the first time I have done that with any character.  I am thinking that when the time comes I will make it blacksmith and jewelcrafting.  Should not be an issue being I have more then enough other characters with mining to do some gathering for it on any of the things that might end up being pricey.

Low and behold I forgot one other character.  My Paladin.  Wow, I always seem to over look the Pally.  It has leatherworking and skinning for some stupid reason that seemed like a good idea at the time.  Can you tell I created it back before I started reading up on the game?  I am thinking that I might keep skinning and take another gathering profession as well for leveling purposes.  I've never had a double gatherer but being I will have every other skill covered already having a double gatherer is not a bad idea.  Makes money while leveling and gets materials for power leveling other skills on other characters.  So maybe mining might be best being I do have an idea to power level blacksmith and jewercrafting on the warrior.  I could always make the Pally my gatherer.

I wanted to make a gatherer character but wanted it to be a druid.  For a few reasons.  Druids can pick herbs in bird forum and even an undergeared bear can grind 20-30 mobs at a time at level for leather.  So making it herbalist and skinner would be nice.  One problem there.  I am already maxed out on characters on my realm.

So I will mix and match up my characters and work with the rested experience to level at 200% instead of 100%.  It will make life easier.  It also seems that when you are leveling characters, more then one at a time that is, that the only smart way to level is to level rested.  It basically cuts your leveling time to the point where you can grab one level a day on each character at least while always working on rested only.  That is maximizing your time online to translate to faster leveling.

I really want to get back into raiding however.  Just do not have it in me lately.  Maybe it is the heat getting to me.  I do not like sitting there waiting to pull all night long.  It has become a bore to do raids.  I think that might have more to do with whom I am raiding with and not so much the fact that is the raiding to begin with.

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