Friday, July 2, 2010

What they really mean!

Most good hunters just move along in life without hearing much of anything from anyone.  Every so often, the ultimate hunter will come along and people will just shower him with compliments.  Sometimes some of the compliments can be misunderstood so I have created this little guide to help those hunters better understand what people really mean when they say things.

"Stop pulling for the Tank Hunter!"
- What this means is that you are doing such a fantastic job and pulling the packs quick enough to keep the dungeon moving along at a good pace but the Tank really sucks and you are making him look bad.

"Let me do the pulls Hunter."
- This is the Tank speaking the previously mentioned line and what it really means is that he is very happy with you helping him pull the packs and making his life easier but the healer really sucks at keeping him up and he does not want the healer to know the reason he is not pulling that many packs himself is because the healer sucks.

"Put your pet on Passive Hunter"
- This means that you are already doing so awesome pulling other packs that they can not keep up with both you and your pet doing it.  You are just too damn good for these people and with both you and your pet pulling you are making them all feel like they suck.

"Your pet has his growl on Hunter"
- This means that the tank is really bad at tanking and having a hard enough time holding the packs without having to deal with the total awesomeness of your pets own tanking abilities.  The Tank does not want everyone to know that your pet is actually better then he is because then they won't need him any more.

"I don't heal pets."
- There are usually two reasons why you hear this line from a healer.  The first reason is that they are a really bad healer as it is and have such a hard time keeping 5 players alive that if they had to keep your pet alive too they would never be able to and it would cause a wipe.  They say it that way to make themselves feel better.  It is easier then them having to admit they really suck as a healer.  The other reason a healer might say this is because secretly they hate your pet and want it to die because your pet does more DPS then they do while they are in their DPS spec.

"Move out the fire Hunter" or "Move out of the viod zone Hunter" or things like that.
- The real reason you hear this is because everyone knows that hunters are awesome DPS and that moving hinders that.  If you have to move then it means your DPS will be lower and not make everyone else look so bad at doing their own job.

"You are a Huntard."
- What this really means is that they respect you more then any other player in the game.  Most nicknames come and go but this one has stayed around forever.  It is the ultimate compliment meant to compare you to some of the greatest Hunters of all time that were mocked at first as Huntards.  When the years past and it was realized how great these Hunter forefathers of ours where the nickname stuck, but as a compliment instead of a derogatory term. 

"Watch your aggro Hunter."
- What this really means is that they are so impressed that with little effort you can pull the pack right off the tank.  You are just so good that is shows and they want to make sure that you did not miss noticing that you where taking aggro from the tank, it is to let you have that moment to soak in the glory of your true Hunter greatness.  They would never want you to miss it.  If they keep saying it then it just means that you have not answered and they are not sure if you noticed and they do not want you to miss this great moment.

"Misdirect to the tank Hunter, not me."
- What this means is that the tank really sucks at building aggro and by you misdirecting to them and helping them with building their aggro you are making the tank feel really bad about himself.  Being they are not completely awesome like hunters are they need us to help the tank because we can.

"If the Hunter does that again I am leaving."
- What this really means is that you just made him look really bad by doing whatever it was you did.  People like them have very low self esteem and when you make them look bad they feel bad and want to rage quit instead of learning how to be better at whatever it was that you just did better then they do.

"(you) have been removed from the group."
- What this means is that you are way too good for them and they where holding you back.  You should be playing with better people but they know that you were just being nice staying there helping them and would not leave.  This really means they are saying thank you for the help, we could not have done it without you up to this point but we have taken enough of your time you great and wonderful Hunter of pure awesomeness, we are just glad we had some time to bask in the glow of your prefection.

As you can see, most of the time people are just so upset with their poor performance that they have to let us hunters know how good we really are.  You will tend to hear these lines often if you are in a dungeon with a tank that can't tank, a healer that can not heal, or a DPS that is jealous that you are so much better then they could even even dream to be.

Now that you know what these things really mean you can go out and enjoy being the best you can be even more without thinking the wrong thing any more.  Show the world how great you are as a hunter and if you are lucky you too can receive some of these compliments.

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