Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Hunter Talent Calculator

I am sure there will be a lot of playing around with this one.  I already figure out that I would be using a 3/31/7 or 2/31/8 set up to start with if I had to make my own decisions.  Thing is, I am sure the theory crafters will do all the hard work for me and tell me what will work best.

Take a look at the calculator and see what you think.

Seems like 8 in survival is almost mandatory  5 in improved tracking and 3 in Hunter Vs. Wild.  Increasing attack power based on stamina is just way to juicy to pass up, even more so when you realize that they are giving away stamina like candy come cataclysm.  Green quest pieces have 500 stamina on it.  That means getting a new piece with 500 stamina is a 150 attack power increase instantly for you and your pet.  The more stamina you have the more attack power you have and in this brave new world it seems like stamina is what it is all about.

The one difference in my two specs is if I fill out One With Nature on the BM tree or fill out Hunter Vs. Wild on the Survival tree.  If focus becomes an issue I might lean to BM, otherwise, the extra 10% AP is worth losing the little focus gain from One With Nature.

The MM tree seems basically unchanged.  In a way I actually had a problem getting to 31 for it.  Seems to have way to many PvP and trash mob skills there.  All the dazing and more damage on daze stuff is completely useless for boss fights being bosses can not be dazed.  That means that their value is near 0 for anyone concerned with end game stuff. Outside of that, the MM set up feels very much like ti always was.  I did not need a theory crafter to tell me to put the points in things that help with damage.  There weren't even 31 things that cause damage so it was not exactly rocket science.  It really came down to I needed to waste one point and which one talent that was nearly useless would I put that one point in.

If anything, it is that lackluster selection of skills to put points into that would be my only issue with it so far.  I hope it is tweaked some.  Otherwise I might as well try BM or SV.  I hate having to put points in useless talents just to get further into the tree.  I might go BM if anything, it really looks like that will be the best spec to start out with.  Nice to see some BM love.  I always liked being BM and kind of miss it.  Maybe I miss it because it was always so damn easy compared to MM and all those procs and timers I had to pay attention to.  BM seemed more proactive.  You do things.  MM seemed more reactive, you do what you can while waiting for something to happen so you can do something else.  MM seems more like work.  BM seems more like play.  I like to play.

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