Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wiping is One Thing

I have no issues with progressions.  Wipes are a part of learning, always have been and always will be but once in a while you have to say enough is enough.  We where on Sindragosa again last night and had a few more wipes.  It is like a dead end lately.  When you see some progression you do not mind do it again and again but when you see it has stalled you eventually have to say screw it.

I am almost to that point.  I am not sure what it is really.  The group that was there is more then capable of doing it.  My DPS is total crap on that fight which I am guessing might have to do with the large amount of down time when Sin is airborne but even at that I think 7500 is horrible being I do 10K without the buff.  Even with the time not DPSing while Sin is in the air I should be doing a crap load more DPS with that 30% buff.  However, as low as it seems DPS is not the issue here.  We get to the final phase before the 5 minute warning even.  So we will never even come close to the enrage timer.

The issue is somewhere else.  When the tanks change to drop the mystic buffet one of them always dies.  It is not an if they die it is a when they die.  I noticed that and decided to make a suggestion on how to get around that.  Being the tank is going to die anyway... let them.  I know that sounds like a strange tactic but there is nothing they can do to keep them up.  One always dies.  And then the dragon goes all freak-o on everyone else if the other tank does not pick it up in time.

The idea was this.  Have one tank go hog wild and do everything they can do to the boss.  Let the stacks build as high as they could and blow all cooldowns.  Do everything they can to survive.  They made it up to 18 or so stacks before dying so healing is not an issue. (then why are they dying?)  As they are about to go down for that final count the other tank picks Sin up.  You know what?  It freaking worked.  A battle res goes out to the sacrificed tank and we continue with the other tank waiting to play sacrificial lamb.

That started to work but then some ice block issues came up and that ended up picking apart the team.  We got Sin down to 12% 3 times I think.  That is where we are stuck.

More DPS can help, the faster we burn down Sin the less tank switching will be needed and the less ice blocks will be placed.  Said part is... my miserable 7500 is still topping the group.  There are some 4Ks in there too which there should not be.

More healing can help, but we where two healing it up to third phase fine when the tanks started dying on the switch and even when we bought in a third healer to help the tanks where still dying on the switch.  Whatever that issue is there it is on the healers.  If a tank dies while there are three healers that know they are going to need lots of heals for the switch then they are doing something wrong because the tank is not getting heals.

There could be some adjustment on the tanks part as well.  Every pull the tank eats it, but it still seems to push the tank back which sooner or later runs them into the wall backing them up.  That is wrong, it should never be like that.  There is no reason the tank should be going backwards until they are up against the wall.  Maybe they can adjust cooldowns to blow them during the switches in phase three.

I can pick it apart all day long and I will never be able to say what is wrong.  The crew I am there with is a great crew with fantastic ability and they can just not get it done.  There is something missing.  I am getting bored with fighting my way to Sin and starting a wipe fest that we have no chance of beating.  Can we really do it?  Is it worth going back in on Friday to try it again?  I am going to have to do some research and see if any other guilds have had this problem.

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