Thursday, July 29, 2010

Getting Into Healing

I healed a few dungeons yesterday.  AH, Gun, and VH to be exact.  Had no problems this time around but it helped knowing that I had a level 80 shadow priest backing me up if I ran into some trouble and the tank was a someone I run with often. 

While I am doing somewhat well I am still not comfortable with some things in healing such as multi heals.  PoM takes care of a lot of the little stuff but PoH seems to take a year and a day to cast and once last night I went to cast it when everyone was down to 50% and before it was done casting I was knocked back.  I was able to get it off again but there is really something wrong with that.  I was lucky that the tank was at full which allowed me the chance to do it again.  If the tank was low then they would have been my focus to heal and others would have had to wait.  Which could have turned out to mean death.  Wish I had more AoE healing capabilities.

I also need to get into the habit of using binding heal once in a while.  Why waste a GCD on healing myself when I can heal my target and myself at the same time.  All I ever need is a tiny top off most of the time and that is more then ample.

I've already come up with a small list of healing rules that I plan on running with and I am sure that they are conclusions that every healer comes to at some point.  If I say I need mana and you keep going you better be able to beat the packs without me because I am not going to stop drinking to save your ass.  Another one is with large pulls.  Sometimes, even at my level (75) you will end up with some sick pulls of tons of mobs.  I will stick with you and heal my butt off and not give up.  You better not give up either.  So often I see people get overwhelmed and just let themselves die.  If I see someone do that, next time in I won't even bother healing them if they are not even going to try.  I don't care if I die too.  I am a clothie and my repairs are cheaper then yours.

I am liking healing a great deal so far.  I am even thinking of doing some randoms without the comfort of my fellow faction members with me.  I just like having them around.  Many times they tell me things I did not know about having only done this stuff with a ranged DPS and some of the stuff as a tank.  Just as I learned things are different from a tanking perspective I am noticing things are different from a healing perspective.  However, most of the time I think of it as I am still a ranged DPS.  The difference is now I am not burning the enemy down with my hunter I am charging the ally up with my healer.

A little more of this and I might actually be willing to test out my tree spec on my Druid.  I have the gear, I just never used it yet.  I know it is a different type of healing but it is not the style that scared me it was the ability to do it.  I am learning the ability to do it so once I got that down all I would need to do is change the style of play to change the type of healer.

So far it seems to me that healing, while stressful sometimes, is a lot less pressure then tanking felt like.  Maybe that just means I hit my comfort zone with healing now.  I know I never felt comfortable as a tank.  I only tank when a friend needs me too now.  I do not even do dailies for frosts even though I need the gear.  I just do not feel comfortable tanking.

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