Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some hunters just don't get it.

Last night some of the guildies had a ICC run and pugged the last few spots out.  In doing so they grabbed a hunter.  I knew the hunters name, had seen her around before.  She does good DPS for sure but was never really in the same league as me.  Being I do not have the gearscore add on, being I hate it, I just chalked it up to not having as good of gear to accomplish the same as me.

I was partly wrong there.  While she did have gear near mine it was not the gear that held her DPS back, it was her choice of gems.  One of my guildmates posted the chest she was wearing.  It had a +8 all stats on it.  I can forgive that, some people do not have money for the top enchants and maybe they knew they would be upgrading it.  But with what really?  It was a 264 chest piece.  It is something you will most likely keep for a bit, so enchanting it with +10 would be a worthy investment.

That was not the only problem and even so, that was only a tiny problem.  +2 extra is not really all that much, it is not make or break.  Heck, I have a 251 chest because of my guilds retarded loot rules not allowing me to get a mark to upgrade it but I spent the cash on the better enchant.  The real issue here was her choice of gems.

It had 3 spots for gems and she had 3 lesser gems in it.  Again, not spending the money to get the top gems is a mistake on an item like that.  There was another problem with it.  Not only where they lesser gems but she gemmed to get the bonus.  When you have 3 slots you do not bother gemming for the bonus when only one of those slots is a red slot.  You drop all +20 agility in them and move along.  Or all +20 armor penetration if you are up to that point.

She had, get ready for this one, a +16 crit gem (not horrible but really agility would be better) a +24 stamina gem (what the hell does a hunter need stamina for unless they are tanking something which in that case would have had 3 +32 gems in there instead) and the worlds greatest gem type for a hunter, a +16 spell power gem (excuse me?  there is never a need for a hunter to have spell power.  never ever.)

How does someone that enchants like this and gems like this even get into runs to win 264 gear?  It is sad and it is the reason hunters get a bad name.  Spell power?  I am totally taken by that.  The only thing a hunter and the word spell should ever be connected is when you are talking about adding 75 spell penetration on to your PvP gear.  Outside of that I do not think you will ever find any guide that will have the word spell in it anywhere when it comes to gemming.

How can you get that level gear and get into end game content without ever noticing that hunters should be all agility (or ArP) if they are MM?  I swear, each time I see things like that, and see people with better gear then me in some slots yet still being that bad at what they do I wonder what am I doing wrong?

I do the best I can, I am always evolving and getting better, even broke 13K on fester the other day after I tweaked how I did things a little.  I am learning and still consider myself a noob yet these people walk around with awesome gear thinking they are gods gift and they do not even know how to gem.

I don't know what I am doing wrong but I sure as hell am doing something wrong when morons that gem for spell power are well known for being a "good hunter" on the server.  Maybe it is because I am a grumpy elf and have no issues telling people they are wrong.  Just like I would have told this hunter they were wrong if I were in that group.  Either way, it was not my group, but it was still a sad turn of events.

There should be a zone in check for raids.  If you are missing a gem or enchant you are not allowed to zone in.  If you are gemmed with something your class has no use for you are not allowed to zone in.  That would help a bunch.  Maybe it would help too much.  My server would lose 80% of its player base then because I think my server is where they send all the stupid people to play.  I guess that is why I am there, because apparently I am an idiot too.  I don't have any spell power gems.

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