Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Goblin's Magical Skill

The Greedy Goblin has a new post about "Magical Skill" on his blog and it made me think about something someone said the other day after a pretty bad 25 man ICC run that saw us wipe in places we had not wiped in months.

Now I will not pretend to say I know what "Magical Skill" he is going to talk about, but as soon as I read it I thought about the wipes the other night on Lady Deathwhisper.  We had a group with three Mages, which is huge, usually we have one if any at all and whenever someone was mind controlled no one was sheeping.  When LDW was about to throw her frostbolt no one was interrupting either.  All that combined to mean a wipe.  We almost pulled it off, got her to 2% and just did not finish when the last tank dropped.

That should not happen for a group that normal would down LDW in our sleep.  And this is where I think the Goblin is going to lead us with his "Magical Skill" segment he is planning.  The raid leader gave the group crap, rightfully so, for not controlling the mind controlled people and for not interrupting the frostbolts.  The thing is, he should not have needed to. 

This was not new content for any of us where we were still learning it.  It was not old content either where we might have forgotten things.  It was something we run every week and have been running every week.

For me, as I see the Goblins "Magical Skill", will be about the people that do what needs to be done without thinking.  It is just something people picked up and they do it.  Naturally.  While it can be taught, to those people that do not have the skill it needs to be drilled into them and they need to be reminded.  They learned tHE skill to do it but they do not have it happen naturally.  Magically if you will. 

I do not know when it happened, I did not plan it happening, but I throw a freezing arrow at the mind controlled person the second they get controlled.  Sure, I miss sometimes or they run from it as it is in the air, but I do it.  It is something I do not even think about.  I've done it enough to not even think about it any more.  I think that is what the Goblin might be getting at.  Like he said children just magically pick up language I just magically picked up doing the freezing arrow.  Either way I look forward to seeing what he has coming with the articles.

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