Friday, July 16, 2010

Who has the right to roll?

We had some serious drama in our raid last night all do to someone losing a roll on an item.  Bloodvenom Blade dropped off Deathbringer Saurfang and someone that wanted it lost the roll.  Now I know well enough about losing rolls.  Never once have a went into a rage, more so in public view.  Sure I have lost so many rolls in a row that I wanted to quit.  I even joked about it in game saying at the rate I was going I would not get an upgrade until everyone else already had it and they had no option but to give it to me.

This was a totally different case.  The guy that lost said it was wrong that he lost because... get this.
1) Hunters should not be rolling on Rogue weapons.
2) It is only a stat stick for him.
3) He had a better gear score and could do more with it.
4) He had better DPS and deserved it more then the other guy.

Addressing #1:
Okay, let me get this right.  The hunter could not roll on it because it is a rogue weapon?  Have you ever even played a hunter?  Have you ever even looked at hunter gear in your life?  How about inspected a hunter?  Pick one, any one that is standing around Dalaran and inspect them and you will see that all hunters have a weapon that has agility and stamina.  That sword had agility and stamina.  All hunters need Attack Power.  It has attack power.  Armor Penetration is good for a hunter, even more so if they are MM.  It has that too.  Then as it's last stat it has Hit Rating.  Everyone needs hit.  What about a weapon that has all perfect hunter stats means that it is not a hunter weapon?  What makes that a Rogue weapon more so then a hunter weapon?  Rogues, Hunters, and Druids as well as Enhancement Shaman all have a right to say that is their weapon.

Addressing #2:
I want to write an entire article on the concept of a stat stick.  Sure, it is only a stat stick for a hunter because he shoots with arrows or bullets but it does increase his damage done correct?  What does it do for a rogue?  It increases his damage done.  So increased damage vs increased damage.  Seems rather equal to me.  It is as much a stat stick for a rogue as it is for a hunter.  The only difference is the rogue swings it and the hunter has it looking pretty on his back.

Addressing #3:
The rogue thinks that because he has better gear he deserves it more.  Where does this backwards thinking coming from?  Because you need it less you need it more?  I have no argument against this one.  It is just way too stupid of a comment to even consider bitching about.

Addressing #4:
Wow, I wish it worked that way.  I have seen hunters win marks left and right that I have out DPSed by 4-5K.  I should have gotten the marks then being I had better DPS.  You know what, it does not work that way.  Sure, I could have done more with the marks but guess what?  They won the roll.  The guild is not filled with elitist assholes.  We have a roll rule, whoever can actually use the item that wins the roll gets the item.  Congrats on doing 10K DPS Mr. Rogue.  Guess what, I, as a hunter as well have as much right to that weapon as you do and as the other hunter does.  So being I toasted you on DPS my 3K I guess that means I should get it using your logic right?  Fine, then give the thing to me (so we can follow your rules) and I will trade it to the hunter that actually won the roll.  Hell, I am only using a 251 weapon and I did not roll on it.  I could have claimed I needed it more then either of you.  I passed because I do not need any hit.  I also passed because the hunter needed it a hell of a lot more then I did.

So the rogue kept calling out the other hunter after that.  In chat, on vent, making fun of his 7K DPS and telling him he had not rights rolling on a rogue weapon.  Things like that.  Finally the raid leader told him to shut the hell up.  A few more comments later he finally stopped.  In the middle of the trash on the way to Rotface the hunter says on vent.  Stop harassing me in tells.  The raid leader once again tells the guy to give it up and move on.  After rot, when on fester he started all over again with his crap.  So he got kicked from the raid instantly and decided to pull fester which in turn got him kicked from the guild as well.

This is why no one should be allowed to play the game unless they take a maturity test first.  That was just immature to the fullest extent and I am glad to see the raid leader did the right thing and kicked him.  Him pulling the boss before he left was uncalled for and that is more of a reason why he deserved a guild kick as well.

Have to love how people that are always talking about how great the guild is turn around instantly to say how much it sucks as soon as they get kicked.  Of course you think it sucks, they kicked you.  But if you think about it honestly, you kicked yourself by acting like a complete ass.

Let me end this by stating what could have summed this up instantly without all this writing if the rogue had even half a brain.  A person that could use the item won the roll.  The person that won the roll got the item.  Shut the hell up and move along.

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