Thursday, July 1, 2010

Aspect of the Fox and other Cataclysm Goodies

I am in love with the new Aspect of the Fox and the ability to regenerate focus 20% faster while you can cast Auto Shots while moving.  I will most likely spend all my time in that.  Holy Crap.  I am an ungrumpy elf for sure.  I would lose the Dragonhawk bonus but I would gain constant damage while moving and be able to lay more powerful shots more often.  I think it would overtake the bonus that Dragonhawk gives a hunter, especially in movement heavy fights. 

Another nice combo, this one for Marksman only , seems to be dropping a Widow Venom on someone and then refresh it with Chimera Shot for an instant 15% heal on yourself.  It is not something I can see using all the time being you will want your Serpent/Chimera running often, but you could easily drop the Widow on an add and refresh it for the heal and never lose the Serpent on your main focus.  Or how about this one, being it does not seem that Widow does any damage, you drop that baby on a critter and then Chimera on it for the instant 15% heal.  Will be nice when just running around to heal yourself back up to make healing faster.

Over all I still think the whole Focus thing is a joke and they should try something different instead of making us ranged rogues but I do like some of the little updates.

Seems like our Stings are now called Venoms. 

Viper does not drain mana for us any more, it is now called Viper Venom and instead reduces the casting time for the target by 30% for 30 seconds which is something I can see myself using more often then I did the sting.

Scorpid now seems to have a different effect as well, one an ArP Marksman might want to take advantage of. Scorpid Venom decreases the armor of a target by 4%, each steady or Cobra shot decreases it another 4% stacking up to 3 times. So either this means 12% armor reduction if the venom counts as one or 16% if it does not. Either way, with starting out at 35% ArP as a Marksman having this might be really good.  Almost has me thinking of the work the theory craft people have ahead of them.  Is Scorpid now more important for ArP MM then Serpent is?

Getting the Trap Launcher at level 48 will really help leveling but I still think getting Misdirection earlier would help tons for the leveling hunter in this new LFD system where they are in dungeons more often.  It will help the whole group experience and will give them time to learn how to use the thing.

Either way, things are looking better.  Much better then when they first announced it.

To check out more visit the Hunter Skills at MMO-C.

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