Monday, July 26, 2010

The Good Old ArP Test

I've got 2 more raids worth of data to consider for my Armor Penetration test now.  One being ICC 10s Sin fight.  I only did 7700 but I am still learning that fight.  It is not quite the 8K I was looking for and a few of the attempts I was as low as 6000 but over all for the night I ended with a 7700 average on all attempts.  We did not down it with the group I was in.  The 6000 could be from some bad luck runs where I was frozen.  Either way, not a horrible turn out for a fight I was learning so not much data I can take from there.

The other fight that I can take some data from was doing VoA 25.  Only did two bosses, the last one and the fire one.  The last one is a lot of running and target switching so my DPS is always all over the place on that one depending on where the obs spawn and the team I am with.  If they spawn far from me and everyone that should be going on them is going on them then I can usually do 8500.  If they spawn under my feet and I need to move to get ready for them, or if I am kiting them because no one else is fighting them I can be as low as 7000 on that fight.  I did 7500, so that, again, is within my normal.

The fire boss is the real test here.  I normally do between 9500-10000 on the fire boss.  It is a very limited movement fight so it is better to judge with.  I ended up with 10574 for the fight.  Based on the DPS analyzer, with perfect buffs and debuffs I should have 11606 DPS.  So looking at 10574 means I did well as I know I did not have all the perfect buffs and there is always a touch of human error involved.  Over all I think I did really well based on what is theoretically my maximum DPS for that build.  Thing is, with agility gems my maximum theoretical DPS would have been 11504.  So it is not really that much of a difference yet.

One thing that did jump out at me as glaring was that my piercing shots ended up being number three on the DPS meter.  I guess that is the ArP working there.  I did not miss any possible Chimera or Aimed shots which means that the ArP is bleeding a lot more then it normally does.  So that means something is working right.

I have more testing to do on it but I can not wait to see what it will be like when I get some new ArP items.  I think that is when the real noticeable difference will be seen.

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