Friday, July 30, 2010

Glory of the Hero

I only need three more things to finish off glory of the hero and last night with the ICC 25 being a scratch a few of us decided to give it a try to get them.  We only ended up getting one of them, the other 2 we now know how to get them easily.

Share the Love.  That was a bit of an adventure but we got it.  Got the tank and healer done first being that is the easy part.  Then got the other two DPS done.  So it was my turn, one problem with being my turn is my DPS rocks.  So for me to grab second on the aggro list I had to go all out but could not go all out or I would have killed him.  I am sitting there auto shotting hoping I can get up enough and it just was not happening.  He was down to 14K health and I could not take a shot any more.  We stopped DPS on him completely.  Even if I wanted to one auto shot could kill him now.  My auto shot crits are 8K-10K plus I could always get a wild quiver shot or a quick shot from my bow off which would mean death in one shot.  We had no clue what to do, we where letting him run around spearing people hoping he would go for me.  Then I came up with the idea to just get under him.  I mean as he ran I was running with him.  Low and behold it worked, he speared me, threw it off I dropped a kill shot and the achievement was done.  Wow, talk about close.

Less-Rabi.  Talk about close again except this was close in the wrong way.  We did great interrupting him and had it down.  I fired off my kill shot to end it and while in flight to hit him he started his change as it hit.  The system counted it as he changed even if he died at the same time he cast it.  That is so unfair.  But it shows we can do it now no problem.  I just needed like half a second more to get that kill shot off earlier.  This should not be much of a problem if I can go with the same group.

Zombiefest.  I love the name of that one because I have always been a big zombie fan to begin with.  We did it and just did not pull enough.  Got 86.  Now we know were we need to go next time to get the 100.  Should not really be a problem.  One volley from me should kill them all easily but that will also most likely result with instant death even with misdirect.  They seem to love me as soon as I volley in there.

Those are the three I needed, so 2 more I still need, Zombiefest and Less-Rabi.  We can get them easy enough I think.

I helped them get a few they needed, the best was Watch Him Die.  When I did it was micromanaged it and killed all the little guys first but the tank this time said just go for the kill and that is what we did.  I went balls to the wall attacking him and everyone went down with just me and all of them left.  I dropped a kill shot on him, hit readiness while strafing, dropped a chimera and another kill shot just as he got to me.  He killed me and I killed him at the exact same time.  Ding all around, they got the achievement.  Nice work there.  The idea was for me to be the one doing all the damage and for them to keep him detracted long enough for me to kill him.  Thanks to some fancy footwork at the end that is exactly what happened.

It is amazing how some of these achievement are still kind of exciting to try and get even as over geared as we are.  Actually, if anything, some are even harder being we are so over geared.  Hopefully this weekend, if I can get the group back together again, I can finish off glory of the hero.

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