Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I think the Goblin has lost his mind.

Part two of the Goblins "Magical Skill" articles has come out and it seems I was dead on with what I was thinking it might be about.  I was also completely wrong.

How could I be right and be wrong at the same time?  I was right because it was about people doing what needed to be done in a raid situation.  I was wrong because he seems to be claiming that some BS set of rules are the reason for that success.

While there might be some truth to the argument that having group of people that just want to get it done and are not "friends" but coworkers in their effort will succeed.  That does make perfect sense.  I am ranged DPS, I need other DPS around me, I need healers and tanks around me as well.  I need them to be competent to do the job and I need them to not make the same stupid mistakes over and over.  If you are "friends" with a person you will allow them to get away with things and hope they can adjust and catch up.  To me, that is where the "Magical Skill" comes in.  If they have that skill, they will adjust and catch up.  If they don't they won't but as a "friend" you will let them keep running with you.

So he does have a point there.  He made his group without anything but a common goal to connect these people.  Each one of these people is using the others around them to help them to get to their ultimate goal.  It is not as cold as it sounds.  It works.  It has worked in the past and it will work in the future.  It is not because of his rules and it is not because of his PuG.

He went into some tangent that this PuG group, when following his rules, got to 11/12 on ICC just because of his rules for them joining.  This is where I think he has fallen off of his rocker.  He has lost it.  Sometimes very smart people over look very small things.  He overlooked his blog, the one I read, the one posting this stuff, the one many people read on a daily basis.

Being The PuG was started from his blog it was started from his readers.  The same readers that know he is prone to rip apart bad players, stupid people and generally anyone that does not meet his own standards.  Because of that those people, even if they are good, are not going to join The PuG because they know he is going to write about it.

Everything that happens in The PuG is happening so well because only people that are very good at what they do to begin with joined it.  They are the people that had the "Magical Skill" long before The PuG was a dream that came to the Goblin one night.

So his idea, while nice, would never work in a real gaming setting.  If I where to start a new guild with the same rules as his I am absolutely sure I would not have the success he has had.  The reason being is that it would not be done in the public eye.  There would not be any people reading about it.  There would not be the draw for the great players to be part of something and the fear for the bad players to stay the hell away.

Do to his many great articles and events, like the undergeared group, he is well know and he draws the best of the best out to join him.  I know in his undergeared group I would suck horribly.  There is no way in hell I can ever see myself pulling 5K DPS in 187 gear.  Sure, I might be able to with lots of luck but I don't think I would even try.  Things like that bring out the people that can do that well to join him and join The PuG.

He would never have had the same results with his little test if no one had known about it.  If it were just some random get together that some nobody put together it would crash and burn the same way I see guilds crash and burn left and right on any of the servers I play.  They all have the same attitude as him.  We are assembling for a single goal.

They all die off well before they achieve that goal because there are never enough good players or even average players to get it done.  Those good players or average players go to hard core guilds or serious guilds or even friendly guilds.  You get the left overs in a group like that.  Maybe you will get some good players that are just flighty and that is why they never stuck with another guild.

I have been a part of PuGs that one shotted entire raids and I have been part of PuGs that wipe in Naxx when everyone had a GS over 5000.

I personally would love being in a guild like the one he described. Would be nice to do different types of raids.  Would be nice to do old content for achievements.  Would be nice to have that many competent people around that I could do it with at any given time.  But the only reason it works is because of his net fame and that is what drew all those competent people to him.

Look at it this way.  I am in a guild that is only 8/12 on ICC.  We have the players to be finished with all hard modes.  We have the gear, the skill and the desire.  We have more then enough people to fill 3 10 mans.  We just do not do it because most of the people are missing the "Magical Skill" the way I said it.  Not the way he did.  The only reason I am still there is because I like it there and having fun playing is more important to me then being the first on my server to down something.  I'll down it sooner or later.  I like working for something instead of just rolling over content to get it.  There is no sense of accomplishment in that.  Just like there should be no sense of accomplishment in what the Goblin has done.

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