Friday, July 23, 2010

I don't think I was ready for ArP

On a good note, even though the guild leader and co guild leader where both a no show like I knew they would be, we still ran last night.  One of the other people assembled the group and I ran the raid.  It went nicely.  We had two unfortunate wipes from some new people that did not know the fight dying right at the start.  Both wipes where with 1.2M left on Fester.  Would have easily killed him if not for those early deaths.  Good thing for us that we had so many ranged.  We moved the offending people to melee range for the third try and he was down with no problems at all.

As for how the ArP did I would have to say the test was a total failure.  We had a very good group makeup, nearly every buff you could want(except warrior tank which would have helped I am sure).  I was pulling max 11K on the dogs and bosses like Fester, Marrow and LDW.  Now that is not really bad right?  Well, being I can normally pass 12K on them and get to 13K sometimes with some good luck from the RNG I would have to say it was horrible.  I would hit 12K with ease with the 25% buff and could not get over 11K with the 30% buff.

I am not switching back just yet.  Still going to play a little more with it.  One run with the new ArP gems is not going to give me enough statical information for me to make a concrete decision even if in my mind I made the decision before I ever even ran with it.  Like I said, the DPS gain on the analyzer was only 47 to begin with.  I might wait until we run tonight and see if the polearm drops from Blood Princes.  If it does, I will keep running with this test for now.  If it does not and my performance in 10m is less then 8K (new bosses so I expect less) I am going to switch back to agility until I get at least three of those four pieces and maybe the boots and marks as well.  I think the one trinket from RS would really be enough to make the move but I do not see myself getting that one anytime soon.

I did happen to see some huge numbers flying at the screen which is why I wonder why my DPS was lower.  My Multi Shot was nearly 10K+ on all three shots every hit and my Kill Shot crits where hitting 40K.  Sure, sweet numbers but why was my over all less then?  Who knows.  It ended late so I did not get a chance to go over the recount and look closer at things.  I will do that when I get home.  It might give me some insight as to why I saw bigger numbers but had less over all.  (I also have to do my standard when looking over the logs and see who was taking damage that should not have been and all those other little goodies that people never even notice or think to look at)

For now the ArP test seems like a complete failure on it's first run.  It is not my rotation because I dropped arcane a while ago and maybe used it 10 times all night when moving and all other instants where on CD.  It is not like I needed to do anything different then I had been doing for ages.

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