Monday, July 12, 2010

Finally got Professor P down.

On Firday night we got a group together with the intent to get Professor P down no matter how long it too.  It took a while but it was only one or two wipes to our own fault.  The rest of the wipes where completely bad luck.  One of the guys was the living example of the phrase, if it weren't for bad luck I would have no luck.  Everything happened to him.

It was actually quite humorous a few times for us even if not for him.  He got anchored in place as we all ran to him to split damage like we are supposed to.  As soon as we collapsed on him a slime puddle landed right under him.  So melee had to run away being they could not stand in it and the ranged just stepped back so we could try and kill the slime and still be able to step forward the moment it was to hit him, thus limiting damage.  Smart move on our part right?  Nope, just as we where about to step in to share the damage Professor P threw a goo at him and we all had to scatter.  He was anchored in the puddle, hit by goo and died when the slime got to him.  Bad luck just does not explain that one any better.

Thing is, that did not happen to him once.  It happened twice.  And that was not even the end of the days bad news for him.  While burning down the first ooze he was attacking, in melee as he is melee, and we enter phase two.  You know it resets a target after that right?  Guess who it decided it liked?  Yeap.  And none of us where anywhere near him.  So instant death.

Wipes like those we can not blame ourselves on.  He got the worst of it but there were lots of bad luck things.  As if the RNG told us that it did not want us to get this done.  We finally did get it done and it felt great.  I often feel horrible thinking how everyone else in WoW is already a kingslayer and I can't even get to him.  If anything that has more to do with leadership then anything else.  Not bad leadership really, but the lack of willing to go with what you have.

We have a solid group.  Many skilled players.  I am sure if we practiced we would one shot it on 25. We have enough players with the skill and the gear.  Not to mention a 25% buff that should be making this whole thing a total joke.

The problem is getting people to show up.  No matter how skilled you are or how geared you are if you can not make it every week for the raid and the follow up night you will never make progress.  That is where the issue came in.  We would down 6 bosses on day one, not enough would show for day two and we either pug or do not run and either way it is bad.  So with that said, none of us have experience past the first six, or limited experience at least.  This means when we do get to them so we can learn, it is always a few tries and then we run out of time.

The average player, if they are skilled and if they have the gear, they can master any fight in 10 wipes max.  However, if you are always switching people in and out each time you come to that fight is it one or two new people that have to earn their 10 wipes.  It is not like a boss you did a million times yet where if you lose one or two people you can still down it no problem.  It is newer content that most of us either never saw or saw limited times.

I think that is where we faltered a little on the leadership part.  That though comes from something I just recently learned.  Mind you, I am still a total noob on most things in game.  I am learning.  The leader, or a least a good leader, should have known this and used this little thing to our advantage.  If they had we would be clearing 25 man heroic already.

What is that you ask?  Extending lock outs.  Each person extends their own lock out.  I did not know that.  Like if I am in a run and the leader of that run extends the lock out I am not stuck.  On Tuesday when lock outs reset I am free to do what I want and the leader can continue the old run.  I can join him on the old run or decide to take another run and start at the beginning again.

I never knew this.  I am such a noob.  If we had done this from the start we would be having no problems what so ever.  We would have had more time to practice on the other bosses and we would all know how to do them by now. We are so behind the curve here.  Pugs on my server are getting 8/12 now in less then 3 hours on 10 man.  It is sad that pugs are doing better then we are.  It is sad that peoples bank characters have better gear then I do when they only run once in a rare while.

Either way, we got Professor P down and I feel good about that.  We are extending the lock out this week.  About FUCKING time.  We will be getting this finished soon now.  Better late then never they say.

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