Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gear Score Nuts on the Rampage

A friend of mine was kicked out of a heroic dungeon last night for having a low gear score of 3.8K.  Yes, you read that right.  He was kicked out of a heroic for having heroic gear.  Holy chicken eggs batman.  Since when do you need to have gear from after the content to do the content.

I have always figured it worked this way.  To do heroics you need to have normal gear. You are stepping up to heroics.  I am not exactly sure why or when it changed that you can no longer get into heroics unless you are ICC 25 geared.  The thing is, he was not even the tank or the healer.  He was a DPS.

I know, from running my hunter.  Even if I was the only DPS there.  Just me, a healer and a tank, we could do any heroic Dungeon (except HoR maybe) alone.  We do not even need the other two DPS.  So why kick a 3800 gear score DPS?

I remember the first time I tanked HoL (that is where he was kicked) on my bear.  I had a 3300 gear score.  The healer had a 3200 gear score and the three DPS all had over 5300 gear scores.  The two most vital roles, tank and healer, were lower gear score.  And I know I had no clue how to tank.  I was still brand new.  It was only my 5th or 6th run ever tanking and guess what.  There were a few deaths here and there but there were no wipes and the whole instance took less then 30 minutes.

If the two key parts to making things easier can be heroic geared only and it is not a problem then why kick someone who out geared the heroic when there are also two others doing the same job as him?

When I first hit 80 on my Hunter I read up on dungeons before even thinking of getting into a group for one and I saw that at least 1200 DPS was needed for a reasonable run.  1500 DPS was considered good enough to make the run easy.  Where did things change that now if you can not pull 3K DPS you can not do heroics?

I was doing Naxx before I was pulling 3K DPS.  Heck, I think my first Ulduar run I was only just cracking 3K DPS for the first time.  I really don't think that heroics are harder then raids and require more gear to do.

Funny thing is, that is not the first time I heard someone talk about getting kicked like that.  I've heard some people getting kicked for not doing 4K DPS or a healer getting kicked because he drank to often or a tank getting kicked because he could not pull, pull, pull the entire instance at once.

While tanking I have been in instances that had low DPS.  One time had a Gnome DK pulling a whopping 500 DPS.  No I did not miss a 0.  He did get it up to 800 DPS at one point however.  I never even considered kicking him.  Had a run in CoS where a Dwarf Hunter decided to look into every house we passed instead of killing things.  He did manage to have about 250 DPS.  However I think that was all done by his pet and not him.  He was looking at the real estate.  Maybe he was looking to buy a new house or something but he sure as hell was not there to run an instance.  We still beat the timer without him and I never once considered kicking him.  His DPS was not really needed so why worry.

Am I too tolerant?  I think not.  I just do not care really.  I knew we could move along nicely and the DPS was not an issue.  Instead of wasting the time to click to kick, waiting for the vote and waiting for the replacement, even if it was all a total of 2 minutes or 3, I would rather keep moving.  If the person was a jerk then I would kick them in a heartbeat even if he was pulling 10K DPS.  If we had a lesser geared group and needed the DPS I would kick in a heartbeat someone that was not even trying.  I am actually the exact opposite.  I am not tolerant at all.  I will kick instantly without even a thought about it... if it were needed.  Thing is, in my life of LFD I have never ever needed to kick anyone with exception of a DCed tank.

Heck, one time I get Violet Hold and both the tank and the healer had only came as tank and healer for faster query times.  Neither of them had tank or healing specs.  So here we were, 5 DPS in VH.  I looked at the gear and said, lets just go for it.  We out geared the place so bad it was like one 80 soling deadmines.  A joke.  Nothing lived long enough to be an issue and the 2 classes there that did have healing ability where more then ample to top us off between fights.  So even without a tank or a healer some 80 heroics are completely doable by 5 people that know that they are doing. 

Bosses are not much of an issue for people with brains either if you do not have a tank.  Let someone with a taunt pick them up and run with them.  I distracting shot them across the room and pew pew until they get close and FD then someone taunts them again back across the room.  Just as they are about to get to them I DS again and by the time it gets to me it is dead... if it lasted that long. 

No need for a healer if no one is being hit.  No need for a tank either if even me as a Hunter can tank nearly all heroic content in my mail with my 50% damage reduction and 40% dodge I have more going for me then most tanks did when they first started tanking level 80 content for the first time.

I find it disheartening to have anyone kicking people in a heroic for any reason.  One person in all greens can easily be carried, even if it is the tank or healer.  Why do people need to be such complete pricks?

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