Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting used to Healing

It is not that I have never healed before it is just that I never really got into it.  Never really took it all that serious.  I did not run dungeons daily and I did not run them if there might be a challenge.  Dungeons where a way for some quick experience for me and nothing more.  Healing just happened to be a quick query and nothing more.

Not exactly sure why I rolled a healer if I was not completely sure I wanted to heal.  Guess it was more because I needed tailoring and a Priest seemed to be the perfect one to learn that skill.  Also, I wanted to try my hand at healing at least. 

It has taken me some time but after doing dungeons for the last few days I am starting to get more of a hang of it.  I still need to tweak my healbot some but the fact that I am getting more comfortable means I am getting better I think.

Did OK last night and I feared doing that dungeon.  The spellweavers are like instant death almost and it scared me. Not to mention so seriously hard pulls in there and the last boss that was never fun even as a DPS (never minded tanking it however).  We had 2 wipes and I would not consider either my fault. 

One was that big room with all those packs.  We ended up with something like11 packs on us at once.  I kept the tank up through the whole thing as the DPS started to drop slowly as I could not keep the tank and them up with the massive amount of damage that was incoming.  Once I ran out of mana it was death.  Over all, I think we lasted a hell of a lot longer then I would have expected.

The other wipe (actually not a wipe but close) was just before the boss.  We ended up with 2 of those things and the damage they do it outrageous. The AoE thing or whatever it is was hitting everyone for more then 50 percent.  And there were 2 of them.  I made it through that damage 3 times keeping everyone up as well as the tank. Forth time was not so lucky.  Lost all the DPS.  I kept working on the tank and trying to keep myself alive.  Just as the damage was about to come again I threw out all I had and died.  The tank was at max health but was now alone against 2 of them.  He killed one almost instantly.  It took him nearly 5 minutes to kill the second one but he did it.  Have to love having a good tank at a lower level.

So not at 74 I am starting to feel a little more comfortable.  However there is one issue.  I've been playing in a safe zone really.  The 4 others with me are all guild mates with alts.  So any chance where I do mess up I have people that understand and people who are willing to give advice.  Not to mention people that will let me drink when I need to.  An issue I have had happen in low level dungeons many times.  I can not tell you the number of times I am at 0 mana and the tank goes and grabs 6 mobs as soon as I sit even after I said I need mana.

I wish stupid people like that could be banned from playing the game outright.  You are too stupid to play a multiplayer game.  Come back when you learn some team work.  Wouldn't that be awesome on many levels?  I think I will be ready to try some randoms without guildies soon.  That will be fun.

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