Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stop rolling on my gear!

No, it is not going to be a post because someone rolled on my gear.  It is going to be a post about "My Gear" and what exactly makes something "My Gear".  After the recent events of some half ass Rogue making a scene because a Hunter won a weapon he wanted calling it "My Gear" it made me think more about gear and how it is dictated who it is for.  I also bring a whole new perspective to it having been leveling many different characters lately for the first time.

First things first about "My Gear".  Unless it specifically stats something in the details like a few of the items from Lady Deathwhisper, Zod's Repeating Longbow says on ranged attack, so it is a hunter weapon as hunter are the only ranged attacker that can use it or Heartpierce says melee attack so it really would be of no help for a ranged person or a caster and Nibelung which says harmful spells which makes it for any caster that is not a healer.  LDW is the perfect example of drops that fit the "My Gear" profile correctly.

While a Rogue can use Zod's and the stats are itemized for perfectly for that class it is not a Rogue weapon and a Rogue should never roll on it if there is a Hunter that needs it first.  If no Hunters need it then a Rogue is more then welcome to have it.  However, if I Hunter where to say that is "My Gear" they are 100% right.

The dagger is another good example.  Personally I only see this as a Rogue or Feral Druid item but I am sure others could roll on it.  A Priest could but I really do not see any reason a Priest should ever be hitting melee if they do attack at all.  If a Priest rolls on it while there is a Rogue or Druid that needs it, they are wrong.

The staff is another great example that I know my Disc Priest would love for the stats.  However, my Disc Priest would rarely if ever casts and harmful spells when it gets to the world of raiding.  It is a healer so it really has no right to roll on that if any casters like a Boomkin, Shadow Priest, Mage, or Warlock might still need it.  If none of them need it, then they can roll away.

The "My Gear" concept is when you think of something as something you have the right to roll on and another person does not.  If a Mage and a Disc Priest rolls on that staff and the Mage yells, hey, that is "My Gear" they are right.  It is the Mage's over the Disc Priest's because of the side effects of the item.

There are also the types of items that say Class:XXXX on them.  I do not think it needs to be said that those items are only for specific classes only.

Any time an item is itemized where two people can use it then it is a free roll.  A weapon with Agility and Stamina on it that 2 or more classes can use is open roll for all those classes, none of them have a right to say over the other that it is "My Gear".  A weapon with Strength and Stamina has many classes that can roll on it and none of them have a right to say it is "My Gear" over the other.

I really hate people that claim someone is "My Gear" and start an issue because someone else rolled on something that was "My Gear".  If both can use it and it is perfectly itemized for both then both have a right to roll on it.  Lower levels I see everyone rolling need on everything no matter what.  As long as they can wear it I really do not even care under level 40.  After level 40 you have to start thinking of what is better for you stat wise and not just what can you wear.

Never ever use the words "My Gear" unless the gear is designed with your class in mind only. or something that is much more suited for you then it is for someone else.  And no, just because you swing a weapon does not mean you have more right to it then a Hunter or a Druid that only uses it as a "Stat Stick".  That stat stick will up their damage the same as the stat stick will up yours.  Swinging it or not does not matter.  Stats are stats no matter how you use the weapon and better ones are better.

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