Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Grumpy One Strikes Again.

Not really a complete attack of grumpiness but still made my point clear yesterday on loot rules.  We had a guild member leave because he was upset with the rules for rolling on marks.  When the co guild leader asked me what happened I told him exactly why the guy left.  I said he was not happy with the rules of rolling on marks.

However I did not leave it at that.  I told him my opinion again.  Yes, again.  My opinion is quite known.  I said I joined this guild because they did not have any stupid loot rules and then shortly after I joined they adopted some stupid loot rules.

I told him that it was flat out wrong to have a rule that tanks and healers get marks first.  I told him that the only reason I stayed is because I invested time in the guild and started to like the people I was running with.  I also pointed out that I would not be around for the next expansion if these retarded loot rules were still in effect.

The deal is this, as I see it, the guild leader is a healer, the co leader is a tank.  They wanted to gear up on the backs of all of the rest of us doing to work so they made this stupid rule to make it sound like they were thinking of the team when in fact they where only thinking of themselves.

I will no run thought another update with a crew like that.  Nope, not going to do it.  It makes it seem like everyone else is a nobody and it is disrespectful to them to tell them they can not roll on loot that they where equally responsible for getting to drop.

Hey, it is not all about loot.  I still rock the DPS charts and have never seen a mark.  It is about respect.  To tell me I can not roll is a compete and total insult to me.  You know my response to being insulted like that.  To say go F yourself.

If it were not for the fact I know the guild leader has tattle tale I would misdirect to him all the time just to show him my "thanks" for not letting me roll on the gear I have just as much right to as he does.

I am sick of all the BS... I am sick of not being allowed to roll... I am sick of having had to wait for nearly a month to get the progression team started because the guild leader would not listen to me.

He wanted to do a 10 man dedicated run with extended lock out to kill the king.  I was all for it.  He wanted the same 10 people all the time.  I told him it would be nice to have back ups for the kill team.  He said, not needed, we have to run with the same 10 the whole time.  So each week someone could not make it on Tuesday so we did not run.  Someone could not make it on Friday so we did not run.  Each day was like this, each day I said we need alts, each day the guild leader said "I will only run when all 10 are on and only those 10".

So, after all this time waiting and waiting we finally started it and we had alternates.  Another glaring case of someone being an idiot and not listening to me when I told him that from the beginning.  We would have been done with it by now if he has just listened to me.

Lets see, Bad Leadership Decisions, Bad Leadership Attitude, Bad Leadership Overall.   The co leader seems to be the one to talk to.  I talked to him and it was him who convinced the leader to finally go with alternates for the 10 man.  It seems I can talk to him but the guild leader has turned into a holy terror of bad decisions.

I don't see me staying there when Cataclysm comes.  I will stay for now, it is where I am and where all my friends are.  I am hoping that when the expansion comes out we can all go back to the other guild we were all in and start over there.

I think, with the few really good friends we made in this guild that seem to fit with out core crew we can easily make a 10 man crew and once Cataclysm comes out there will only need to be 10 man stuff, no need to ever do 25 man stuff again.

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