Friday, July 16, 2010

What a great story.

I just read something on the official forums that put a smile on my face and showed that sometimes even this grumpy elf can have a soft spot for a sweet story.

there was this lvl 11 mage in ironforge asking trade for 5 silver. that was all she needed to buy a bag sh was looking at in AH, but she had sold everything she possibly could and all her gear was broke so she couldnt go farm for anything. so i went to the AH and bought her four frostweave bags and handed her 20 g. lol she tried so hard to make it up to me by giving me as much conjured food and water that she could make. i didnt want to tell her that at my lvl the food did no good and i couldnt even use the water.

now shes a guild member :D

For some reason I just have this image of a mage making food and water over and over and opening windows to trade them.  Maybe it is the role player inside of me that popped out for a minute but I can really picture this so well in my head and it is a cute image to imagine.

For all the jerkwads in this game, and there seem to be many, there are a few great people that help others and a few honest people that truly are appreciative of the help they are given. This kind of made my day.

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