Thursday, July 22, 2010

My ArP Wishlist

I am currently sitting at 1090 ArP.  I really should go back to agility and might do that, but in the effort to save myself some work later I made myself a wish list for what I would need to change before I really take the ArP change seriously.

Current / Wishlist = ArP increase

Quel'Delar, Ferocity of the Scorned 91 ArP
Hersir's Greatspear 109 ArP + 2 Gem Slots (+40 ArP) From 10m Blood Princes
Effective ArP increase = 58

Band of the Night Raven 0 ArP (47 Hit)
Nerub'ar Stalker's Cord 63 ArP From Festergut 10m
Effective ArP increase = 63 (but I would lose 47 hit)

Whispering Fanged Skull 0 ArP
Sharpened Twilight Scale 163 ArP From RS 25m
Effective ArP increase = 163

Wodin's Lucky Necklace 0 ArP (38 Hit)
Sindragosa's Cruel Claw 60 ArP From Sindragosa 25m
Effective ArP increase = 60 (but would lose 38 hit)

I am effectively 8.03% hit right now and would like to keep that.  If I just take the other upgrades only meaning the weapon and the trinket would be a 221 increase putting me at 1311 ArP.  That is just 89 shy of the cap.  Upgrading my head and shoulders would give me another 16 ArP putting me at 1327.  Being I picked up some hit from the weapon I can choose one of the upgrades I lost hit on, the belt has the highest, so that would be another 63 for a total of 1390.  10 shy of the cap.  With Hearty Rhino I would be over cap.

Once I am that close I can start considering switching back to the T10 pieces even if I do lose some ArP I will still be over 1300 and would pick up a little hit from the gloves which would allow me to do the other piece that I would have lost hit on with no problem.  That would also get me my 4 piece T10 bonus back which is a plus for sure.

Sounds like I have my work cut out for me.  Only one group on my server has downed RS 25 and my chances on getting in with them for a run are slim to none as they are pretty much elitist assholes from what I have heard.  Yes, heard.  They really never talk outside of their own inner circle.

Crunching theoretic numbers from the analyzer.
As is: 6273.13
With 3 pieces: 6406.63
With all 4 and back to T10 stuff: 6386.63
With 3 marks to upgrade T10: 6600.93
Adding RS boots: 6636.76
All numbers are with 0 buffs.
At the end I am 41 shy of ArP cap.  With food I will be 1 from cap.
This is now my goal.  No heroic items were listed as on my server that is not going to happen.
I now have something to aim for that I outlined so I will not forget it like I normally do.
For fun.
With full raid buffs and debuffs: 12386.93
With 30% buff: 16103.01
Wow.  Sweet!

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