Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finding something to do.

My main server was down last night which gave me the chance to work on some of my other characters I have floating around in other realms.  Of course the first thing I did was go to my baby hunter.  Listed a few of the thing that did not sell at auction the last time I was there and then was lost.  Not sure what to do.  I was not in a questing mood, not even in a raiding mood (which made me glad my server was down) and not really in a mood to do much of anything.  Not sure if it was the weather, which is like africa hot lately, or if I am just bored with WoW to some extent.  Starting new is easy enough and it is can be fun... When you want to do it.  When you are not in the mood for it then it is just stressful. 

My Hunter was level 21, still had lots of white gear and even white weapons.  Not exactly a world killer on the rise for sure.  I decided to query up for a dungeon just for the hell of it and got into one that went smoothly.  Had a decent tank that had a clue which is rare at that low of a level.  Didn't hurt that everyone in the dungeon had BoA gear, except for me of course.  Made for a smooth run.  Had 3 skinner in it which was annoying, could barely get any skins and I really need to up my leatherworking so I can start making myself some gear.  Outside of that one complaint I had no gripes about the dungeon.  I did find it odd that I was the lowest level there and the only one without BoA gear or even for that matter the only one that was still in half whites, not all greens or better.  Was a bit interesting to see how I rocked the DPS charts against the odds like that.  Makes me think that these people do not know how to play.  It is not like hunters have anything to work with at that level outside of arcane shot and multi shot.  Most of the time I was just auto shooting.

One thing I noticed in most all the dungeons I run on low levels is that the tank is usually #1 on the DPS charts and the total damage done charts.  Which for damage done makes sense.  DPS should be giving him some time before attacking so he can build aggro, even more so at low levels.  Leading in DPS however is a different story.  All the tanks I run with on my main server always lead in DPS on the lower level dungeons.  They also always seem to have aggro problems.  Where I was last night the tank was 3rd and the tank never came close to having aggro problems.  Makes me think that my battle group sucks if I have rarely if ever had a good tank and in 3 runs on this server I have had 3 good tanks that all know what they are doing.  Mind you, at that level what makes a good tank is good DPS.  I noticed that the mage was doing just as I did.  The mage let the tank get aggro and waiting before starting to attack.  Maybe that is why our tank was so good.  The DPS where good.

So my couple of dungeon runs made me 22 now.  Woohoo, meant in a sarcastic way.  It was just not what I was in the mood to do last night.  Out of complete boredom I decided to run one of my DKs through some low level dungeons just to make some cash.  Stocks is always the run of choice.  Super quick and never need to leave the city.  Took my time with my fresh out of the starting area DK and looted everything.  When all was done I sold the junk, listed the cloth on the auction house and the greens for 1g each.  If all sells I will end up with about 60g for the run.  Not bad, but enough to buy a nice big bag for my lowbie on that server.

That is the one thing I noticed that I hate about starting new characters.  No bag space.  I can deal with having to take an hour to work some AH magic and start earning some money.  I can deal with having no skills and having to work them up.  I can deal with having to walk everywhere even if it is lame.  I can not deal with having no bad space however.  You fill that stupid starting bag every few kills.  Because of that you need to run back to empty it or start throwing things away.  As a new character the last thing you ever want to do is throw something away.  If anything, low levels need bag space even more then higher levels.  If my main had to throw something away worth 1g it means nothing to me.  If my new hunter has to throw something away that is 12c it means a lot to it.

I know they do not want to give us lots and lots of bag space to start out with but I really think Blizzard should make mobs drop more coins and less items or add lots of NPCs walking around we can sell to.  Would save countless trips back and forth when you really only needed to empty your bags.

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