Thursday, March 31, 2011

We All Suck Sometimes.

As an avid reader of the forums and someone that has way to much free time at work I tend to spend a lot of time thinking about this, that or the other.  Sooner or later it always comes back to WoW when the day comes close to an end and I know there is a raid that night.

I think about what I can do to improve on my performance tonight and also what I think the others around me can improve on.  This is in no way a shot on them.  It comes full circle to me being the raid leader and me being the one that usually has read the most about the current content we are doing.

It is not always about raids either.  The other day I was with a guild heroic run and a new Hunter that joined last week was with us.  I started to point out little things he could do to get better.  No, I was not being a jerk, he has asked me to to help if I see anything so that is exactly what I did. 

Being I have been soloing Vortex Pinnacle lately whenever I get time, yes, it is stupid easy as a hunter, I've come up with a butt load of tips and tricks for doing that instance.

We get to the first boss and I tell him, switch to wild when the storms go in.  It greatly decreases the damage you take as well as those around you.  It will make the fight so much easier.  He said, wow, I never even thought of that. 

Honestly, neither did I.  It was not something that ever even occurred to me until I was soloing it.  Since I started soloing and doing everything I could to limit the damage I take it became something I started to do.

It does not mean he was a bad hunter because he did not do that.  I'm willing to bet all my gold that at most 1 in 1000 hunters that go in there have even thought to do that.  Does that mean that 999 of 1000 hunters are really huntards?  Nope.  Just that no one ever thought about doing it before.

Once you know what to do it changes the playing field I think.  Now that I know what to do to help I will do it every time I am in there as well he will I am sure.  The healer said that the fight was so much easier and it seemed like they needed to do half the healing they normally did.

When I do my studying of the fights I know we have lined up I read everyone's comments on tips and tricks for their class.  I then tell the person in our raid that happens to be that class, hey, guess what I read on the forums, blah, blah, blah, maybe you should give that a shot.

This is my job as a raid leader or part of it.  I find those little things that can help myself or others and I pass it along in general conversation.  Not telling them how to play, not shooting down their ability, just telling them little things that can make them better.

Sometimes however you can give someone every bit of knowledge, every tip and trick in the book and they can still not do something.  Everyone has their own weaknesses and sometimes, quite frankly, everyone sucks.  We all have things we mess up on even if we know what to do.

For me, my biggest I suck moment is back in Naxx.  It does not span all my characters either.  Just one.  I can never do the safety dance on my hunter.  I have no clue why.  I can do it on my other characters.  I did it on my priest my first time in there.  My hunter however.  I am a walking disaster area when it comes to that.  I could not explain it even if you told me what it was and I repeated it back to you.

I like to consider myself a solid player for the most part.  I am not a great player but I am not a bad player.  I just can not do that for some reason when I know I should.  That is not the lone suck moment either.  There are some things I am just not good at.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses and sometimes we just outright suck at something.  To make a raid successful you have to know what it is you suck at and you have to be willing to speak up about it.

In a raid last week I told the boomkin that if I went down he was on kite duty and he said I suck at kiting.  I said, then stop sucking.  It got a lot of laughs and he knew I was only teasing him but he noticed what his weakness was and he spoke up. 

At the end of the day I don't care what anyone says or even if we down the boss but I would rather run with someone that is more then willing to speak up and say I suck at that then someone that thinks they are god gift to the game and keeps messing it up and blaming it on lag or something else.

We all suck at something and the ability to admit it is the best thing anyone can ever do, it shows character.  Admitting you suck at something also gives you the chance to get better at it.  If you can not admit you suck at something then you will not work at it and you will never get better at it.

I will not kick someone from a raid because they admitted they are not good at something.  I will ask them to get better and if I know of a way they can practice I will tell them what they can do in their efforts to get better but I will always understand if they can just not do it.

I've had my fair share of WTF moments that I can just not explain.  Must just be I had a moment of suck.  We all suck sometimes.

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