Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Things I Learned From WoW

WoW was the first MMO of its style I played online.  I always had friends asking me to join them in Everquest, in WoW, in other games and I always said no.  One day bored I decided to start the 10 day free trail for WoW because of increasing convincing from friends and loved it so that is how my affair with WoW began.

I made all the mistakes everyone else did I am sure and I learned a lot from WoW that fits into other types of games of the same style.  Lets face it, all games are the same at their core.  They all have quests that are the same.  Kill 10 of these.  Kill this big guy.  Collect 10 of these.  Use this item on 10 of these.  It is the same over and over whatever game you play.  Nothing really to learn there.

Things I learn from WoW:

1) Everything has a value.
- I picked up herbalism when I started WoW.  After I used what I needed to use to level my Alchemy I started to sell me extra herbs.  To the vendor.  Doh!  Even things that now seem useless to me have a value to either sell or save to use for another character.
2) Bag space is the most important thing.
- Nothing sucks more then having to pass up on things you can loot.  Everything can be sold so everything must be collected even if it is only to be sold.  Not to mention, it sucks having to stop questing because you are out of space.  It wastes time and I hate wasting time.  Buying bags, even if it seems expensive, is the best investment you will ever make in game.
3) If you are out of bag space, choose what you carry back to the vendor.
- You might have a weapon worth 3 silver and you decide to keep it over some animal part worth 33 copper.  If you are going to be killing more things to get that animal part on the way back you need to do some math in your head fast.  Think of it this way.  A stack of those animal parts is a hell of a lot more then that one weapon worth 3 silver.  Do not get thrown off by weapon and armor prices.  Sometimes it might be best to leave them behind when you have to pass up something.
4) Really read your skill tool tips.
- Not just read them, think about them.  When I first started and got Concussive shot I immediately considered it a PvP skill and didn't even put it on my bar.  After learning about it now when I made another hunter I use it all the time.  As a matter of fact, as soon as I get it I put it in a prominent space on my bar and questing becomes so much quicker because nothing gets to me, ever.  Less damage means less down time.
5) Never pass a repair or vendor.
- Sell off junk as often as possible, even if it is just one thing, clears bag space.  More bag space is a good thing.  Also repair every chance you get.  Broken gear sucks.
6) Use your consumables.
- You get drops for healing potions and mana potions and other stuff and sometimes you hold off on using it just in case you need it later.  Lets look at the facts here.  You use it now and survive and die later.  Or you save it for later and live then.  Either way, you die once.  Maybe if you use it now more will drop.  Maybe if you use it now you will get something better for later.  Either way, you will die once.  Might as well use it as soon as you need it and maybe something else drops later and you won't die the second chance you have.  Use the goodies as soon as you can.  They really serve no other purpose but to be used.
7) Situational items.
- Throw this to do 200 nature damage.  That sort of thing.  They are one use, they take up bag space, they usually sell for crap.  Use them.  It kills the mob faster, it frees up bag space, and it could very well save your butt.  It is not like the extra 3 silver you get from it will make or break you.

Whenever I start a new character on a new server I always follow my knowledge from the past and it makes life so much easier.  Now that I started a new game I follow those rules there as well and it seems to fit just the same.  Just like all these games are the same on base the knowledge you learn from one can teach you to do better in the other.

Now I need to create a slew of alts on Rift like I did with WoW, just to have characters with different professions and space to hold all my extra stuff. 

I don't care what they do in any game, there is never enough bag space.  Even more so on rift where if you close a few rifts in a row you are full again, even with bigger starting bags.  At least they stack stuff to 50 but that still is not enough if you ask me.  They are attempting to fix a lot of the things people complained about with WoW, why did not they not address bag space issues.  Stack stuff to 1000.  When will a game maker get a clue about bag space?

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