Friday, March 4, 2011

What is coming up with Valor?

A friend recently told me that with the new raid tier all our valor points will be converted to justice points.  If that is indeed the case I am a slight bit upset but I also completely understand it.

I've been hording my valor points.  There is really nothing worth buying with them now as it is only 359 gear and I got the crafted chest and the legs and hands are BH drops.  The other two tier pieces are token pieces.  Which leaves very little to buy with valor points.  My idea was that I stock up on valor points so the day the new patch is released and all the 359 gear drops to justice points and new (presumably 385 gear) T12 gear comes out I can just buy all my pieces instantly and be all decked out in T12 the day the patch is released before ever even stepping into a raid.

I know I am not the only one that thought that way.  It seems blizzard might have finally been smart enough to think ahead and realize that people like me would do something like that and when the T12 is released all our valor points will be converted to justice points.  I guess I can accept that.  It does make sense.  I will buy my gloves now instead of waiting for the drop from BH.

A friend of mine thought that he was being cheated when he heard this would be happening and I can relate.  I felt the same but when you rationalize it out it makes perfect sense.  It is doing the same thing Wrath did except without a ton of different names.

In Wrath when I new tier came out you could buy the new tier with a new set of points with a new name.  You could never buy the new gear with the points you had been collecting from the previous tier.  The same thing is happening here.  The points I have been collecting here, valor, will still be able to buy 359 gear.  The only difference is they will now be demoted to justice points just the same as the valor gear is being demoted to justice gear.  What they are doing here is keeping valor only for current content and keeping us from stockpiling.  This is perfect.

Could you imagine the day a new tier came out a world first guild would use all their stockpiled valor to be all decked out in T12 before they even step into a T12 raid?  This is why this is happening.  It would make their progression even easier if they got a head start with a lot of gear instead of having to earn it over again.  They would have had it as a byproduct of stuff they did previously.

People talk about welfare gear.  Allowing us to use this tiers points to by next tiers gear would be welfare gear.  No matter what anyone says, there is no such thing as welfare gear as it is now or as it was in Wrath.  Even if you can get T11 now without ever stepping into a raid you need to work for it.  You need to do your daily every day to get valor so you can buy gear.  It takes time but you earned it. 

It is not welfare to earn your gear by doing a daily grind, if anything, that is what we call work in real life.  You do your job every day and save up to buy something you like, that is as far from welfare as it gets.  It is welfare to buy the next tier of gear with stuff you gathered up from a previous tier that you had sitting around with no use for it.  I am all for demoting all our valor points to justice points.

I must admit however, I would have loved to be all decked in T12 the second I logged on because I had enough valor saved up but it won't kill me to work for it.  Working for it is part of the fun of the game in my opinion.

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