Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Need More Mobs

While leveling my Warrior I go a little crazy sometimes.  The jewelcrafting quest where you need to get 10 elemental goo I usually get with my bear by going to gather up 10 mobs and I mow them down.  My bear is level 85.  My Warrior was level 80 when he did the quest.  I did the same exact thing.

It is insane the amount of damage a warrior can take and survive in a solo environment.  It also helps that they seem to put out insane amounts of damage as well.  At level 80 I puled a pack of mobs when I first hit 80 and entered Cataclysm content and did 7K DPS on them.  7K DPS, a heal after each kill and the ability to take a beating makes for fun leveling.

Whenever a mob is about to die my eyes are already scanning the landscape looking for my next target.  Stop, why would I ever stop.  Sometimes I over pull and find myself taking a dirt nap but I've learned that it is better to die than take things one at a time if only because it is freaking fun.

I've leveled every class and outside of my bear my warrior is the only class I've ever approached questing like this with.  All other classes I kill one mob at a time.  My warrior and bear look for as many mobs as possible.  It must be a rage thing.  It makes for fun leveling.

If you have never played a warrior and you are interested in a fast game play style I would suggest giving it a shot.  Warriors are always looking around for more mobs.  More, more, more. Leveling is fun when it has no down time.

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