Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Over Nine Thousand

I finally past the 9000 achievement mark and got my new feat of strength, It's Over Nine Thousand.  The way to get there for me was paved one of two ways.  PvP, which I have very few achievements from or raiding, which I needed a ton of achievements from being I did not even hit 80 until just before ICC was released so I missed all the earlier stuff.  I done basically every other achievement in gain beside in those areas.

Ulduar, the best raid ever made by design, content, imagery, you name it, was where I would go to dig up most of the achievement points I needed.  I had never made it past Mimiron.  Like I said, I did not hit 80 until just before ICC was released.  Once ICC was released no one did anything but that.

Over 2 nights we stormed through Ulduar, mostly with people that where achievement hunting like myself or who had never see it.  The first night we did everything up to the last two bosses as well as Algalon leaving just the last 2 bosses.  Ones I never even had the chance to see.

I went in at 8880 achievement points the second night and let the achievement spam roll.  If anyone is ever seeking some achievement points Ulduar is the place to go.  Earlier on Freya I had a nice achievement spam getting Knock on Wood, Knock, Knock on Wood, Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood, Getting Back to Nature, and Con-speed-atory all at once.  That would be nothing compared to the last boss.  Ah, I love achievements.

So on the second day we went to the last two bosses.  I called for a wipe on Vezax because someone accidentally killed one of the cloud things and if one gets killed the Saronite Animus will not spawn and I wanted that achievement.  Second try I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning came.

So I am sitting at 8890 now and we roll into the last boss.  No one in my group had ever been there before so it was surely to be a bit of an adventure even at 85.  Not to mention that some of the people with us where not raiders.  They just came along for fun and to fill out the ranks.  We wiped 3 times.  Not bad actually for a group of people that had no clue what to expect.  Wish we had that type of progress on current content.

When all was said and done the achievement spam started rolling in.  They're Coming Out of the Walls, Kiss and Make Up, He's Not Getting Any Older, Drive Me Crazy, Three Lights in the Darkness, Two Lights in the Darkness, One Light in the Darkness, Alone in the Darkness, The Decent into Madness, The Secrets of Ulduar and of course, It's Over Nine Thousand.

I love achievement spam.  You know what the only bad thing about that is?  Now that I got it I can't get it again.  It is fun seeing all those achievements roll in.

Now I need to try and get the last 6 bosses of ICC on heroic, never did them and all off ToC heroic, never even entered that raid on heroic once and I will have finished all the raids, old content ones that is.

I am going to miss not having achievements to go back and get once I am all said and done.  It is fun to do.  Good thing I have a whole mess of other 85s that I never really play.  If I ever get into the mood to achievement hunt they can go out and get all of these too.

After that last fight I am left to think, are there any bosses that you can get more achievements at once then that one?  I don't think so.  I loved Ulduar for a million reasons but another reason I think I love it is that it is full of achievements to do.  I still need a whole mess of them.  I will go back and get them.  Heck, I would go back to Ulduar even if I did not need them.  That was raid design at its best.  Nothing before or after has ever come close to that raid. 

Makes you wonder how a company that made Uldaur can make Cataclysm.  Doesn't seem like they came from the same company.  Everything in Ulduar was made right.  Everything in Cataclysm was made wrong.  Maybe they can work something out.  I could accept a game where things lie somewhere in the middle.

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