Thursday, March 17, 2011

If I Made An MMORPG - Part 2

I touched on a lot of what my ideas would be in the first part, now to continue it while it is all fresh in my mind with part 2.

Difficulty Settings
#1 - Overview
- There will be 5 settings you can choose.  Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard.
#2 - Very Easy
- This will be a very forgiving setting.  People with lag issues might play on this one.  Nothing will be able to kill you in just a couple of shots.  Even if you get 3 mobs on you and you get a lag spike you will most likely be okay if it does not last too long.  If it lasts 5 or 6 seconds you will most likely still die, sorry, we can only make it so forgiving, can not make it way too easy.  Children or people that just want to blow through their dailies will usually also choose this setting.
#3 - Easy
- There will be some minor challenges.  You can die if you over pull but if you keep it one on one you should always be fine.
#4 - Normal
- Even a single mob can get the best of you sometimes but most things should be fine.  This is the average level of the average game you play.  Things cruise by but you can oops every once in a while and have to do the corpse walk.
#5 - Hard
- You best make sure you never take more then one mob because two could very well mean the death of you.  If you are really good then two might be doable without to much effort but it will take some skills.
#6 - Very Hard
- More then one mob and you are dead.  Even if you are the most skilled player in the game with all the best possible gear two mobs will still give you one hell of a challenge.  You want hard mode?  You can't handle hard mode.  I'd be willing to bet that no one would ever play normally in this mode and only the most sadistic people in the world would ever try to raid at this difficultly.
#7 - Loot differences
- Difficultly level increases the gold gained from the mobs or the skin/cloth count you will get when gathering from them but not a huge deal more.  The drop rates of rare items is also higher with higher difficultly, again, only a small amount.  Something might be a 0.2% drop on very easy and a 1.0% drop at very hard.
#8 - Prestige
- Running with a higher difficultly level will increase your prestige, running at a lower one will lower it.  Prestige will mean nothing except something to brag about for people that are into that thing.  It will have a slide bar with a top and bottom.  Once you reach top you do not go over it.  Even if you run very hard every day for 3 years, if you do one quest at even hard level it will go down.  There will be various types of prestige.  Quest Prestige, Dungeon Prestige, and Raid Prestige so as not to penalize people that are very hard raiders but want to do their dailies in very easy to get them done faster.

#1 - Factions
- We don't need no stinking factions.  Factions hold back PvP.  How many times have you wanted to pick an herb and someone from your own faction stole it when a mob attacked you.  In most games you are screwed, but not in my game where you beat the person like a redheaded stepchild.  PvP is world wide.  There are so sides.
#2 - Sanctuary
- Of course there will be safe areas.  Starting areas will always disable PvP.  Starting areas will also have quests that teach you about the world you are going to enter so the second you leave the starting area you know what to expect.
#3 - Balance
- The one reason I hate PvP is that everyone cries like a baby that wet themselves last night about balance.  Blame the game designers for that one.  They allowed everyone to believe that at any given moment one class should be able to beat another class.  I disagree.  A warrior should always be able to beat a hunter if he gets the jump on him and the combat is at close range.  A hunter should always be able to beat a warrior if the combat is at long range and the hunter can stay at range.  Each class will have its strengths and weaknesses.  In the one on one world, you will die if you get jumped by your opposite.  It is just how it should be.  Sure, some really good players will still win when facing someone that has the upper hand class wise, but that is where skill comes into play.
#4 - Battlegrounds
-  With no factions battleground will always be even.  When you queue up you will be put on the side you are needed and not on some set side that is designed for you to be on.  Depending on the number of people that queue up for it battles could be a one group vs one group battle or a four groups vs each other battle.  No factions brings so much more possibility.
#5 - Winning battlegrounds
- There is no such thing.  Battleground will be perpetual.  The system will balance itself based on which group is winning and it will reset itself sometimes to start over.  Daily battleground quests will be to collect xxx kills, xxx flags, xxx resources, things like that.  Being the battleground is perpetual that means it counts those things while you are in it.  So if you walk in and end up on a team that is on a role and they capture 3 flags in 3 seconds you can leave and be done with it.  If you want to stay there all day long and kill, kill, kill, have at it.
#6 - PvP Reputations
- Each battleground will have factions associated with it that you gain rep for by doing quests and dailies.  Tokens can be used to get PvP-centric items and items that can only be used in battlegrounds.
#7 - Gear
- All RPGs should be PvE first and foremost and this would be as well.  The gear you PvP in will be the same gear you PvE in.  Cry me a river if you do not want to raid and just want to PvP.  If that is the case then you best work your butt off to get tokens and reputation to get gear from the PvP vendors because you will need it.  Raiders will get their gear dropped.  Your choice how you want to get it.
#8 - Events
- Server wide events will be held for PvP a few times a day in large colosseums around the world.  The events will be announced server wide with a countdown you can enable if you want.  The colosseum is a sanctuary until the event begins.  Once the event begins the gates are locked, everyone inside is auto flagged for PvP and the fun begins.  When you die you are dead.  You are ported to the stands to watch the rest of the battle.  Last person standing wins.  Special tokens and items are awarded for winning colossuem matches.
#9 - Team Play
- There will be grouped battles 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 8v8 and 10v10.  Again, offering their own rep and tokens.

#1 - Overview
- Each race will have specials based on their race that they will need to do quests to activate.  Being this is fantasy based you will see all the classic fantasy based races.
#2 - The Races
- Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Orc, Orge, Goblin, Plant, Cat, Lizard, Minotaur, Centaur, Troll, Elf, and Ape.  Other common types can be added later.
#3 - Cities
- Each race has their own capitol city.  You start at your races starting area and visiting your races main city will always be your first step into the open world.

#1 - Overview
- Classes will be mostly standard fantasy classes and you will need to do a quest to choose your class.  You will not choose your class at the character selection screen.
#2 - The Classes
- Warrior, Paladin, Priest, Archer, Wizard, Necromancer, Rogue, Druid.
#3 - Skills
- There will be 20 levels of skills.  Each level will have 6 skills.   You will only be allowed to have 2 at each level and 40 total.  Choosing your skills wisely will make a huge difference in your game play.
#4 - Choosing a class
- You will be given 8 quests to visit all class leaders when you start.  You can only choose your class after doing all those quests.  Once you choose a class it opens up the first level of skills for that class and you are now locked to that class forever.
#5 Choosing skills
- Once you choose a class you will be given a quest to choose your skills for that level.  There are 6 each level, you can choose only 2.  You will be sent on 2 quests that will teach you how to use those skills and then you will learn them.  You can always redo the quests to change the skills if you wish but remember, all mobs scale with your level so higher up it could be a challenge to change too many skills at once.  Once you have done all quests to unlock all skills you can switch as you wish for a fee being they are all unlocked already.

That is all I have to add for now, be sure to check out part one if you have not read it here.

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