Monday, March 28, 2011

Play Naked!

I am not much of a PvP player.  From time to time I get into it but after reading the forums and hearing many of the Hunters explain that PvP is not what it used to be I figured it was not worth a shot.

I've done some one on one fights playing around enough to get an understanding of how Hunters have changed and I have a feeling that once players, good PvP ones and not me, get used to it that Hunters can actually be in a better place then they where beforehand.  I lost a lot of matches before I realized that I needed to change my way of play.

No, it was not changing it to play naked, that came later.

I have a 5v5 Arena Team now and that is exactly what we do however.  We play naked.  Needless to say we have never won a match but that does not mean we do not have hope of winning a match.  We honestly believe that we can some day.  It is also the most fun you could possible have in game if you have a completely warped sense of humor.

Our standards of success are decidedly lower then most.  If we can kill even one person there is a hooting and hollering going on that would make you believe we just won the world series or something.

The joy of playing naked is that we have no delusions of success and each battle is fun.  We are talking on vent about even the smallest triumphs like getting stunned and actually living through the stun.  The longer we last against a fully geared arena team the louder things get on vent.  We almost made it to a draw once, it was crazy if you happened to be listening to us.

To date our most successful run has been one where we actually downed 3 players.  Yes, our 5v5 naked team actually downed 3 players in the same match.  It only happened once but it gives us hope.

Now we are starting to think a little about group make up.  I've still got many useful skills that are not gear dependent.  Some classes have more.  Our fun has moved into a new phase of how far can we push this. 

Can we actually win a match?  We are bound to run across a group of really horrible players, I mean worse then we are if that is even possible, and we could win.  To do so we would need to take advantage of all our skills that are not gear dependent.

If anything, besides being a whole mess of fun, it gives us something to do to relieve the tension that can sometimes come before raid time or after a bad night raiding.  It also gives us some nice brainless fun and anyone can appreciate that.

It is amazing fun to even last 5 minutes against a fully geared arena team.  Either we are actually getting better postponing our inevitable deaths or there are seriously bad players out there.  It doesn't make a difference which it is, nothing will ever be able to get the horrifying image of a naked male night elf out of my head, they bring ugly to a whole new level.

So make yourself an arena team, name it play naked or some twist on words to include naked and get out there to get your butts beat.  Trust me when I say that you will have fun if you do it with friends.

BTW: We do keep weapons on. (considering rings, trinkets and neck as none of them are clothing)


  1. I really like this idea. But more importantly, "nothing will ever be able to get the horrifying image of a naked male night elf out of my head, they bring ugly to a whole new level" made me legitimately crack up laughing. xD

  2. Glad you found it funny but it is really scary, trust me. :P

    The DK in our group does amazing nude damage. You might enjoy doing it if you tried.