Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mass Banning - We Need More

Blizzard has went hog wild on botters unleashing a flurry of bans on botters.  Specifically Archeology botters.  I think they need to step it up some.  Ban gather bots as well.  Ban PvP honor bots too.

They should be much more proactive with banning.  While they are at it I have a few more suggestions for people that should get permanent bans.

- Any Tauren that starts to pick an herb after someone else is already picking it.
- Any Worgen that starts to skin a mob after someone is already skinning it.
- Anyone that uses slang like lolwut
- Anyone that has a character named like lolwut
- Anyone that has a character that uses those stupid alt letters
- Anyone that camps low level areas for more then 5 minutes to kill people 60 levels under them
- Anyone that uses u instead of you, haz instead of has, things like that
- Anyone that uses the word Anal in conjunction with a spell or ability
- Anyone that griefs in a dungeon, like a tank that refuses to put his armor on

If Blizzard just went and banned all of these people the game would be a better place for us all.  Get the botters first, I have no problem with that, but permanent ban the rest of those jerks as well.

Our schools will not teach these moronic kids to communicate correctly, maybe the games should step up and teach them.  I do not care if it is the internet, there is no excuse for sounding like a moron.  I know what they would say to that however, lolwut?

I have at least one resume pass my desk each week that is littered with internet slang and shortcut words like u.  Needless to say it ends up in the garbage faster than the time they saved typing u instead of you.  Spelling errors are fine, I make them all the time, spelling things wrong on purpose just means you are an idiot.  I will never hire an idiot.


  1. Yes, yes, 100 times yes. Especially 'lolwut' *chews keyboard*...

  2. An addition to the list, the one that enrages me more than anything else in the game - someone who pulls mobs in a dungeon and then drops group, wiping the rest of the group. I wish rez sickness, full durability loss, hell I wish their character just gets deleted on the spot. If you're a jerk, fine, I can deal with that. But to be that malicious and petty...ugh, it just burns me up!

  3. "As someday it may happen that a victim must be found/
    I've got a little list, I've got a little list/
    Of society offenders who might well be underground/
    And they'd none of them be missed, they'd none of them be missed!"

    A lot of your gripes are perfectly legitimate and, indeed, ones that I share -- but I still couldn't help but be reminded of Koko....

  4. Hmm, perhaps I should clarify -- I think that people who do some of these things should be punished in some way that discourages them from doing those things, but I think that a permanent ban would be overly harsh.

    For the things that deliberately grief other players, a suspension might be appropriate. For the things that are just juvenile or stupid, well, I'm not sure what could really be done about those.

  5. oh...and people who ask/and or are named umadbrah? Everything else is a 100% agreement.