Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How WoW has spoiled me.

Yesterday I posted about what playing WoW had taught me about this style of game and how I go about playing it.  Now for a few things on how WoW has spoiled me.

1) Travel
- I've gotten so used to getting around so quickly that moving slower is almost annoying.  Almost because it allows me to gather more materials so it is not that bad.  Being I am passing by them anyway I grab them whenever I can.  I do hate that it takes forever to get around but I'll live with it.  I miss being able to fly past all the junk to get to where the quest is however. 
2) Questing
- Fighting my way through mobs to get to a quest and then fighting my way back seems almost counter productive.  I like to quest.  I hate to have to waste time killing things that are not needed for me to kill.  WoW spoiled me by allowing me to get where I need to go without much junk in the way from the questing area to the questing objective.
3) Money
- Making money on WoW is stupid easy.  On my main server where the economy sucks I can make 10K gold with the bat of an eye.  Even a low level character on a new server can have 50 gold within 30 minutes if you know what you are doing.  It is a great way to start.  I've gotten 2 nice world drops on Rift so far.  I can't even get 10 gold for them.  BTW, gold is like silver there.  That means I can not get 10 silver for blue drops.  Ouch.  If you can not make money off the good stuff you are at a loss to start.  I am sure I will find ways to make money as I play, but starting off with none, and no way to make it easy, sucks.
4) Vendors/Repairs
- Maybe it is just me but in WoW it seems like there is someone to repair at or sell things at every step of your adventure through the fantasy world.  Sure does not seem that way in Rift.  Healers (repairs) and vendors seem to be few and far between in some areas.
5) Knowledge
- Just being comfortable with knowing most everything in the game makes learning a new game feel like you know nothing.  It also leaves you with preconceptions on how things are supposed to be.

Point 5 can also be a plus and for me it is.  I love having something to explore and learn, something to do.

That leads me to a conversation I had on vent with one of my guild members the other day.  They saw me at the Argent Tournament grounds and asked me what I was doing there.  I said, my dailies.  I do my dailies there once in a while when I am bored.

Why are you doing the Argent dailies?  Well, for a few reasons.  One being I still need a lot of things from the vendors which means I need a ton of the champion seals still.  The pets from there still sell for a nice amount if I choose to go that way.  The 13 gold they give is better then the reward from any cataclysm daily reward.  There is no one to fight over mobs with.  Everything dies in one shot which makes doing dailies super fast. I could go on and on about why it is better.

They said, I never thought of it that way.  I responded that the Argent dailies are one perfect example of why LK was better then Cataclysm by a long shot.  There is still a lot I can do in LK content if I wanted to.  I was done with Cataclysm content less then a month after it came out. 

Heck, there are still a few quests I never got to in LK that I might get to one day when bored.  I did every quest in Cataclysm solo without a problem.  The only quest I needed help with was the Crucible.

There is also nothing to grind.  Nothing to go back to.  No dailies (outside of TB to get marks for mounts) that offer anything to make them actually worth doing.  Maybe I am different from other people but I like the grind.  I like that I still need 5 mounts from the tournament grounds.  I like that there is something to aim for and something to do when I am bored that actually has a goal.  Cataclysm has nothing like that.

Maybe it is not WoW that spoiled me.  It was LK in particular. There is nothing in Cataclysm to make me feel spoiled because there is nothing in Cataclysm that seems fun enough to want anywhere else.  If anything, Cataclysm adding flying in the old world is what made me hate leveling new characters now.  So it is Wrath that spoiled me.  Admittedly, I liked being spoiled.

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