Monday, March 7, 2011

Straw That Broke The Camel's Back

I am not talking about the achievement from HoO although that has to be one of my favorite fights in the game being you can channel while moving when you are on a camel.  For casters and healers that fight is a dream.  I wish I could keep that camel with me at all times.

What this is about is a heroic run I did on Saturday.  It was early in the day and no one was really on, just a few guild members, so I figured I would knock out some dailies and queue for a heroic while doing that just for something to do.

I get into BRC and figure this should be easy because this whole dungeon is not crushing with DPS requirements it is all just mechanics on every boss and simple ones at that.

First let me give you some basics about the group.

I was the lowest geared player with a 353 item level.  None where cheesing the system with PvP gear.  They where all in raiding gear.  The tank had 170K unbuffed.  The tank was doing 10K DPS, I was doing 18K and the other 2 DPS where doing 13K and 14K respectively.

These we not your average pug people.  Looking at their gear you would figure these guys could probably pull of pug raids never the less pug heroics.

Now lets bring the pain.

Wipe #1 - Wiped because tank ran in the second the healers switched to their healing spec grabbing the two mobs and the first pack down below.  No one was ready and the healer had no mana.
Wipe # 2 - You are supposed to switch to the chains you tards.
Wipe # 3 - After you break the chains, move.
Wipe # 4 - Did you know that if you run in front of that guy you pull all the mobs he is clearing for you at the same time?  Well, you know that now.
Wipe # 5 - I take right, healer takes left, mage, who admitted he sucks at beams, took center.  Mage turned, we wiped.
Wipe # 6 - Mage says he got it now.  Mage did good.  Tank and DK neglected to interrupt the fear and healer is feared back in and turns.  Next fear I am feared back in and turn.  Wipe.
Wipe # 7 - Fear again.  Healer and me stress that needs to be interrupted. We still wipe.
Wipe # 8 - God knows what went wrong here.  Everything, the wipe was inevitable.  Tank drops group mid fight, we wipe.

I leave right after.  It is just not worth the effort.  Raid geared people should not be wiping on simple mechanics.  I could accept people with less DPS, less gear, less experience, to have issues.  I will stay through wipes.  I am not an elitist, everyone needs to learn and I do not mind helping people even if they are people I will never see again.  I will not however sit through wipe after wipe on something we should have steamrolled through in less then 30 minutes with the group I was in. 

8 wipes and one hour wasted failing on something that people stopped failing on after a few weeks into the expansion, with maybe a 335 item level at best, is more then anyone can take.

I went and purchased Rift as soon as I dropped dungeon and logged out of WoW.  That is it.  I am done with spending time on WoW any more.  It is not worth it.  When I am bored and looking just to waste some time now I will log on to Rift to waste time. 

No more doing dungeons just for something to do.  It is not worth it.  The player base for WoW is just too bad to do simple mechanics on a pug basis.  The only person to blame for this is Blizzard.  They made Wrath content so easy that they trained people to play that way.  Then they threw these mechanics at them and they do not know how to handle it.  You can not do that.  It is bad for the game.  You trained these people to play one way and that is how they know how to play, you know what they say about teaching old dogs new tricks don't you?

I am not saying Rift will be any different.  It will be more of the same with tards all over the place.  Just listening to the public channels there while leveling can tell me that it seems nearly 80% of all the brain dead people that play WoW beat me over there and they all bought their retarded attitudes with them.  There is already rampant elitism and the game is not a week old.  If you do not have at least 2 characters max level and raid geared already you are a scrub.  I'm level 15 after playing on Sunday.  I suck.

The people that play the game make the game.  It is on those people where a MMO will succeed or fail.  It is the reason WoW is failing now.  Not because of anything Blizzard did so to speak but because the people can't handle it and the people are being bigger jerks then normal.

I will not leave WoW for Rift.  I can't see me doing that.  If anything the graphics on Rift, as beautiful as they are, give me a headache. Rift however will play a role in my gaming life.  When I have nothing to do on WoW I will no longer be tempted to join a heroic just for something to do.  I'll go play Rift instead.

Gaming, for me at least, is supposed to be fun.  Not being able to do a heroic with raid geared people is not fun.  Waiting 40 minutes for that complete failure is not fun.  Having nothing to do most of the time because of bad design and forethought is not fun.  This basically means WoW is not fun. 

I have 6 85s, only 3 are geared for heroics.  The other will never be.  The reason for this is that doing dungeons is not fun.  I hate being the only person in a dungeon that knows what I am doing.  It makes it feel like work to play.  I do not want to work, I want to have fun.

As a raid leader I have to come on and run raids.  I have to make sure I know everything about every encounter as best as I can.  I have to be there.  I have to be geared.  I have to be ready.  So I will.  But now this all feels like work and that too will soon come to an end I am sure. 

There is only so much that the great people from my guild can keep me there playing.  No matter how much I like the people my hate for the game grows more and more every time I step into a random or we wipe on Mag or ODS.  These are things that should be second nature by now.  Hell, they should have been second nature 2 weeks after the expansion came out.

While I don't think I will ever quit WoW for Rift I will choose to have fun over working which means playing Rift instead of wiping in WoW on simple stuff.  For the moment at least everything is new with Rift.  It is fun.  Everything is stale and boring with WoW and I only come on to raid, so it is more work.

Choose fun, Choose Rift.
Let the tards that play WoW catch up and learn to play on the backs of other people.  Maybe a year from now Blizzard will nerf 1/2 the content and people will learn to be 1/2 better and that will close the gap and the game can get enjoyable again.  Until then, it is just not fun.

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  1. When Blizzard nerfs content that makes the game even less fun, for instance when they put the 30% buff in ICC it was just a joke of a raid, it wasn't even worth my time to get the gear because it was just so easy, oh boohoo they wanted all of the terrible players to experience the "great" instance that was ICC, if you're not good enough you're not good enough, don't nerf the content to the ground so that all of the extremely geared players are just wasting their time doing raids that shouldn't be that easy.