Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We all have things we like and things we hate about WoW and other MMO's we might have played.  I sometimes think what I would do if I had full creative control of one.  What would you do?

#1 - Lore
- I believe that a true MMORPG needs to have a lot of lore to support the RPG factor.  The more people get into the world they are playing the more attached they become with it.
#2 - Continuity
- Call me a geek or a nerd or what have you but nothing bites me more than a story that doesn't flow true.  I pick apart movies for crap like that all the time, it is annoying.
#3 - Mystery
- I would make sure there are a lot of things that are left unresolved and never to be finished.  It grabs you and keeps you in and keeps you talking to wonder.  Knowing all the answers is not fun.  Take the TV Lost for example.  Not knowing things made that a hit.  I would want to bring that aspect into my game.
#4 - Epicness
- This could fit under questing but I will put it here because it is about story.  I would make sure that every class has an epic quest that runs through the entire leveling process giving them a background and history about their class that you will only ever see if you are that class.

#1 - Experience
- Quests would offer no experience what so ever.  Quests will offer tokens and reputation for its associated faction. (more on that later)
#2 - Purpose
- All skills will need to be quested to learn and will not be something you go to a trainer to train.  The quest will teach you the usage of the ability you are about to learn.  This would also allow people to pick and choose if they want to have all abilities or not.
#3 - Gear
- Quests will offer gear as rewards fitting for the class and role you are playing.  No longer will you have quests offering you 4 items and none of them are suitable for you.  If a leather wearer takes a quest the reward will be leather.  If a plate wear takes a quest the reward will be plate.
#4 - Flow
- The quests will all tell a story.  It will have flow but it will never lock you into a liner progress.  Being you can grind for experience as experience is not rewarded from quests they need to offer something else.
#5 - Level
- Quest levels will scale with character levels. A daily that tells you to kill 10 level 2 mobs at level 2 will tell you to kill 10 level 20 mobs when you are level 20.  No quest will ever be called a low level quest.

#1 - Characters
- Say what you will, Rift looks awesome and WoW looks cartoonish, but I will go with WoW having it done the right way.  Lesser graphic requirements make it so more people can effectively play the game at peak performance.
#2 - Mobs
- While there will be the same types of mobs all over the world they will not be simple reskins there will always be something different about them otherwise.
#3 - Scenery
- The world should be full of beauty.  While using a lower graphic standard close up objects will still look mildly cartoonish like WoW but at a distance it should still be beautiful.
#4 - Cut Scenes
- Wow showed us hit and miss here.  Hit = Wrathgate Miss = Uldum.  While I loved the Uldum zone the cut scenes where nothing special all there were too many of them.  Wrategate was amazing.  How anyone could watch that the first time they see it and not have chills is impossible.  Epic quests should end with epic cut scenes but only if they can be powerful and not fluff.

#1 - Gaining
- You gain reputations with questing.  No tabards, just quest grinding.  Daily quests will start as soon as you open that faction.
#2 - New Areas
- Certain areas will only be accessible once you have gained the reputation required from that faction to be allowed to enter and pass through their city.
#3 - Tokens
- Each quest will give you tokens which are good for the exchange of goods from that faction.  Every faction in the game will have things that everyone will want at all levels.  This means having tokens is required.

#1 - Level
- Mobs will scale to your level based on your difficulty settings. (more on that later)  Meaning no area gets outdated.
#2 - Loot
- Loot tables in the open world will be based on the beginning level of that area and not your current level or the level of the mob.  However if you are required to get 10 drops from elementals the quest item will be on any elemental regardless of the beginning level of the area as the mob itself is always appropriate to your level.

Professions - Gathering
#1 - Herbs
- These will be area specific however as you reach higher levels then higher herbs will appear in lower areas as well, just not in great abundance.  Meaning at all time even top level herbs can be found in all zones that are suitable for them to be found in.  No old herbs will ever be useless.
#2 - Mines
- Same as herbs. No old ores will ever be useless.
#3 - Leather
- Regardless of mob level mobs will always skin the same type of leather.  No old leathers will ever be useless.
#4 - Lumber
- Same as herbs. No old lumbers will ever be useless.
#5 - Fish
- Same as herbs.  No old fish will ever be useless.
# 6 - Cloth
- Same as leather.  No old cloth will ever be useless.

Professions - Crafting
#1 - Plate Specialist
- Will make plate armor.
#2 - Mail Specialist
- Will make mail armor.
#3 - Leather Specialist
- Will make leather armor.
#4 - Cloth Specialist
- Will make cloth armor.
#5 - Jewler
- Will make rings and necks.
#6 - Weapon Specialist
- Will make weapons.
#7 - Tinkerer
- Will make trinkets.
#8 - Cutter
- Will cut gems.

Professions - Support
#1 - Apothecary
- Will make potions and the such.
#2 - Scribe
- Will make temporary timed enchantments.
#3 - Transmuter
- Will be able to transmute items into different items.
#4 - Medic
- Will be able to repair wounds.

Professions - Class
#1 - Class
- Each class will have one profession for them alone.  It will make things they need for certain spells or abilities. 

#1 - Level
- All dungeons will scale to the level of the group leader and be reflective of the leaders difficulty setting. (more on that later)
#2 - Loot
- Loot will scale based off of the level of the group leader and their difficultly setting.
#3 - Entry
- While dungeons will scale to level not all will be available right away.  You will need to meet a level requirement to get into them among other things.
#4 - Keys
- All dungeons will have keys that are required to enter them.  All members must have the key to enter it.  Keys can be bought from reputation vendors for the associated faction with tokens.
#5 - Progression
- All dungeons must be done to get to the next one.  If you open the level 10 dungeon and never do it and decide you want to do the level 20 one when you reach that level you need to do the level 10 dungeon first.  At least it will still be at level for you being it scales.
#6 - Attunement
- Some of the naturally harder dungeons will also require an attunement quest.

#1 - Starting
- Same as 1-5 of Dungeons.
#2 - Attunement
- Unlike dungeons which you can choose your difficulty when you start them you will always start all raids at the lowest setting before working your way up.  Only the leaders difficultly level progress matters for deciding it.
#3 - Raid Reputation
- Raids will drop better items and give raid reputations.  You will need to be of a certain reputation to get the better gear.  Only bosses will give reputation, no rep farming in my game.

Well, that is the start of my idea for now.  I'll add more later in another post the next time I am bored at work.  Maybe even later.

Any designers out there want to make a game with me?


  1. I actually like this whole set. Alot of the mechanics make good plain sense. Because I'm a little RP orientated as well, guild cities in instanced areas. Player housing presents it's own issues with space and purpose, Though Guild Halls might be a viable replacement based upon a certain guild level threshold. One thing I enjoyed about Age of Conan were the player cities. They had a few bugs to them, but it was pretty cool to have the cities out there as an accomplishment to the guild. Raiders wouldnt care much I dont think, but the RP community would love it.

  2. It sounds like you had a lot of fun writing this - I've gone through similar mental lists countless times but never actually found the energy to put them down! :) I think once you start, you realize just how many aspects there are and it's hard to find any end to that list! story and impact are certainly something I would favor too.

    And do I read that correctly - you would only feature 1 main class and then let them customize via professions? or did you leave classes out?

  3. @Syl, just did not get to classes yet. But they will be tied to quests choosing your direction in your class as I see it.

    It was fun writing it and there is so much to it. My ideas would barely touch the top of the list.

    @Mhorgrim, I've never played anything with player housing but it would seem overwhelming. Guild housing would make more sense I guess. Sounds like it would be awesome from an RP perspective.