Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Achievements Sometimes Surprise

I am an achievement watcher.  Meaning I aim for them and look at how close I am to getting them.  I got two yesterday and one I knew I would get while the other came as a little bit of a surprise.

5000 Valor Points was something I knew would be coming.  Not bad for someone that does not do the daily all that often any more and has only done BH twice because my server sucks and getting groups is nearly impossible on the rare occasion that Alliance has control.  Can't say I gathered them raiding either being we haven't gotten much of anything accomplished yet.  It seems, without even trying, Valor Points still seems to come in time.

The other achievement is 50 Exalted Reputation also dinged for me.  Apparently guild reputation counts as well for exalted reputations.  I would have been exalted with my guild a long time ago if the system was not so screwed up.  The main way to get rep is from doing quests and doing dailies.  That is my problem and what took me longer then expected.

I was done with every quest in cataclysm within 3 days of the games release.  I was done doing dailies within 2 weeks of the games release.  Because of their retarded cap on reputation gains for the guild that means most of my questing was completely wasted.  I got no reputation for it at all.  Otherwise I would have been exalted 2 weeks into the expansion.  Maybe that is why they put a weekly limit on it.  Wish I had paid more attention.  I would have saved quests to do later if I had noticed that.  Can only blame myself on that one really.

This also proved, once again, that the guild achievement United Nations is indeed completely bugged.  My guild now has, take a guess, 50 exalted reputation.  How odd, it has the same exact amount as I do.  Even if the heroic I was in I had someone with Oracle exalted (that I do not have) that is exalted with the guild and someone that has League of Arathor exalted (that I do not have) that is exalted with the guild.  So just the heroic I was doing that I hit 50 in we had 52.  That does not count the rest of my guild which has people that have reputations I do not have that are also exalted with the guild.

United Nations, if you put in a ticket about it, is working as intended.  So it is intended for a guild achievement to be based only on one individual in the guild?  Excellent design again Blizzard.  Thumbs up.  Nice way to make people work as a team when only one of them counts toward a team achievement.

Oh well, I will start to bust my butt to get the other reps up being it seems it is all on me.  I have to get the guild achievement myself because blizzard believes that for this guild achievement it should not count anyone else in the guild but me.  Awesome design, good thing it is working as intended based on both tickets I have put in about it otherwise I would have thought it was a bug.  They set me straight.

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