Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is it the Player or the Class?

There are a few traits I have noticed with the people I run with and even in things I do myself.  Things that are different by class even if it is the same person playing it.  I sometimes wonder if it is the class itself that makes these habits happen, it has to be being someone like myself, that usually plays a different way does them too.

Regardless of spec I have noticed that Shaman always end up face pulling or damn close to it.  Running up to the boss before the pull the Shaman will always be the furthest up front.  I do it too even though I am used to being at range.  It is not one Shaman I have seen do this, it is damn near every single one I have played with.  Oddly enough, the better the player the more in front they are. 

Why exactly is that?  I can't put a reason why the class would make that happen.  It really makes no sense but it seems to be something I see everywhere I go, even in random pugs.  I actually have to stop myself from doing it when I run in a random.

Balance or Feral only on this one.  Resto Druids seem to not have this problem.  What is the problem you might ask?  Paw.  Healers will always cast it as if it routine.  Cats, Bears or Thunder Chickens need to be told to cast it.  I would say 90% of the time, even in guild runs, you need to ask them to buff it.  It is like they always forget.

Why exactly is that?  From my standpoint I forget about it because I am a bear and buffs are the last thing on my mind usually.  I guess that is the same for other non healer druids.

Tanks specifically.  They all seem to move constantly.   In my experience warrior tanks are usually better markers and the fastest tanks in the game.  Fast to the point where I used to have to use every trick in the book on my hunter to keep up because I would run out of mana.  That is why I loved the never ending flask as an alchemist.  I would drink every time it was off cooldown and viper every chance I got.  It was the only way to keep up.  I like fast, my fast is considered slow to them.  Warriors are constant movement machines.

Why exactly is that?  It probably stems from rage and the need to keep it flowing.  I know from questing I go non stop and that carries over to my tanking.  The faster marking also seems to be a product of that.  We have to be able to mark fast because each second we waste marking we are losing rage.

Spec does not matter.  Mage's of any spec all seem to be the gogogo type.  When you hear someone say that you do not even need to look.  If there is a mage in your party it is the mage that said that.  Except for one mage I know that, as odd as it sounds, had a mana macro like a healer would, they are all always in a rush.  I guess even the mana macro fits in the same category.  Mages always want the group to move at their pace and no one elses.

Why exactly is that?  Kind of like I see no reason for the Shaman being the way they are with what they do I see no reason for the mage either.  If anything I would think slower would be better for them.  Better usage of cooldowns being you can use them more often.

Those are the only ones that popped into my mind right now but there are other things that I notice all classes tend to do no matter who is playing them.

Have you ever noticed that certain classes are prone to similar behavior even cross realms.  These habits I've seen in guild, in realm pugs, in LFD pugs, on different servers, you name it. 


  1. I ran a Mage as my first main character... If I had mana, I wanted to blast something, I get that. I ran a lot of dungeons in BC with my buddy, he tanked, and he was a Warrior. Which, as you know, meant fast moving, even back then.

    I got so pissed sometimes, towards the beginning of BC, I would be oom and he would go ahead regardless. That's when I learned a simple rule, holds true to this day;

    If the healer has mana, tank does what tanks do. DPS can sit their happy asses down and catch up when they have sufficient mana again. I started running Mage Armor more and more, just for the regen, and we did fine.

  2. With Shaman, maybe it's do with needing to place totems near to where the fight is going to be so everyone benefits from the buffs - so they want to get to that spot first?