Monday, March 14, 2011

Daily Changes?

I've been hearing about changes coming to dailies.  They are upping the number of dailies to 35 per day but lowering the gold made from them.

I am not exactly sure what they are going for here.  Maybe 1% of the WoW population does all 25 dailies each day.  So they are making a change that effects such a small percentage of the game base that it is going to hurt the people that only do a few dailies for the gold.

Why extend the number of dailies you can do when no one is doing them anyway?

Anyone that does dailies to make money is doing it wrong.  Sure, dailies are a nice way to make a little gold but it should never be your sole way of making gold.  You can go herb, mine, buy and sell, etc, and make more in 10 minutes then you would doing all 25 dailies.  Dailies, while they work for people that do not know any better are not a way to make gold.

So being they are not a way to make gold, and no one is doing all 25 every day anyway, why make the chance that is not needed?  You are hurting the people that actually need the gold by lowering the gold amount that dailies give.  They are not going to do more because they can do 35, they where not doing 25 to begin with.

Another swing and a miss on Blizzards part.  How can anyone be so out of touch with it's player base?

If they are attempting to get people to do more dailies then lowering the gold is not going to help.  They where not doing it before, they are not going to do it now being they are getting less from it.  That makes no sense at all.

If they want people to do more dailies they should try to add something to make doing the dailies worth it.  There are better ways to make gold, so lowering gold is making it worse.  Do something like the dailies at the Argent Tournament and TB.  For me, and many others, those are the only dailies worth doing being there is something worth working for. 

Add more little bonus things for dailies instead of just gold and you will get people to do them.  Make the Cataclysm dailies give faction tokens and then the head and shoulder enchants would cost 30 of each to get.  This would mean they would be worth doing.  You would want to keep a stock of them so if you update your gear you can get the top enchant instantly and not need to work a few days to get them.

Now that is what Blizzard would have done if they where thinking and trying to get people to do more of them.  Not up count and lower gold.  That helps no one.


  1. Couldn't agree more, Grumpy. This change is a stupid one at best, and just a plain slap in the face to those who actually do their dailies at best. I often do *nearly* all 25 of mine, either to help me level a new pet (which I know they're changing in 4.1) or to kill some time waiting for a queue, or to collect TB tokens to get the mounts, etc.

    Lowering the reward and increasing the number that I can complete in a day has ZERO positive effect on my decision to to dailies. I'll probably do fewer. I don't understand this move at all.

  2. This is a weird change. I don't think I've done dailies as a way of making money since the Isle of Quel'Danas, and the Argent Tournament where you could choose those nice little bonus bags containing some extra gold. I think the only time I've done 25 dailies in a single day in Cataclysm was when I was MAYBE once when I was grinding rep with multiple factions, and MAYBE once when I was trying to level up my guild. With the various daily quest hubs so far apart, it's simply not worth the time and effort (to me) of traveling around to do them all at once.

    They could also add in a token amount of Justice Points as a reward, which could actually be a nice way for people to earn pre-raid gear if they don't have the time or inclination to pug Heroics.

  3. A thought I just had - perhaps the increased limit is for people who'd like to grind Shattered Sun / Netherwing / etc old reputations, without "wasting" their allotted dailies? Still, an increase of +10 isn't that much (why have a limit at all?) and the decreased gold is still dumb.

  4. I still do the argent ones. Still need to get some items from there. I am a collector, what can I say.

    The people going back will just go back when they are done with Cataclysm dailies. In all honesty it only takes a week to get exalted with all factions except the TB one and that does not take much longer.

    25 seems ample really unless they are going to add something else where it will try to encourage people to do them more often. That is the only reason I can think of.