Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Like Numbers

I've noticed a connection to numbers in every aspect of the game that I enjoy.  The number of pets I have.  The number of mounts I have.  The achievement points I have.  The justice points, valor points, honor points, conquest points.  You name it.  What drives me to do things are the numbers.

I guess that is the habit of a collector.  Everyone wants to have a big collection of whatever it is they collect.  It is a motivator for me.  That is why I still run SH, UP, MgT to get the drops.  There is no reason for me to ever be in those instances again but I go there often just to try and get the drops.  Not like they are anything I would ever use but they would up my total number and that is what it is all about.

When I decided to go back and work reputations it was about the numbers grind getting it up.  Which way was the most effective way to collect numbers.

I can't really explain why but I love numbers.  The next number I am aiming for is 9000 achievement points.  I could get it easily but I have not been playing much at all lately and have not gotten the chance to do some of the achievements I can get done easily that would get me the last 300 I need.

Just some random numbers:

Most Factions Exalted: 49
Too bad it does not count that I was Oracle and was Aldor before.  I would be 51 then.  One more gets me a nice even number and another number in effect of an achievement.

Cooking Recipes Known: 201
Oddly enough, I still do not have the achievement for 200 recipes.  I think I am actually at 199.  When my guild get the 10,000 fish caught in pool (oh look, another number) I will get the seafood recipe that will be 200.

Most deadly 10 player boss:  Sindragosa 23

Quests Completed: 6,037

Daily Quests Completed: 2,681

Equipped epic items in items slots: 19
Yeap, I even have an epic shirt. 

Gold Looted: 24,615g 72s 81c
So close to 25K looted achievement for more numbers.

Oh well, it is a life of numbers and I like them.  For whatever reason it might be subconsciously, the numbers are what keeps me playing the game sometimes.  I still have numbers to aim for.  Anyone can beat a raid boss.  Not everyone can get some numbers to be big numbers.

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