Wednesday, March 9, 2011

JP Capped Again

Something needs to be done with justice points.  Capping is so easy.  I even buy those stupid over priced pieces of garbage they offer us as something to waste points on.  Each time I do that I feel dirty almost.  It is like I am doing something against my nature.  It is like I am wasting JP even if not using them would be wasting as well.  It is almost as if not using them is less wasteful then using them on things so grossly over priced it is insane.

2000 for a stack of ore I can farm myself in less then 10 minutes?  Sure, I understand that they do not want justice points to replace farming but a little bit of intelligence here for a moment people.  2000 justice points is a lot of time invested. 

Lets just use random numbers here for fun.  1 hour for a run, 4 bosses per run. That is 28.5 bosses roughly for 2000 JP.  Lets call it 28 so it breaks down nicely into 7 runs.  That means 7 hours to get what could be gotten in 10 minutes.

I guess they did what they wanted to do.  They made it that it is not even worth taking the walk to the vendor to buy them.  It would be quicker to just farm the 20 ore then it would be to go to the vendor to buy them.  Also with farming them you might get volatiles, a pet, or even some gold from mobs you might need to kill or an epic world drop on super rare occasion.  You are still way better farming it then even walking to the vendor to buy it.

The prices need to be lowered substantially.  Say 2 hours of dungeons, or 560 JP for it.  It is still not a replacement to farming, but now it is worth it I think.

Hell, leave it as it is and instead give us something worth buying there instead of the garbage they offer.  Maelstrom Crystals would be awesome, even at 4000 JPs.  How about Pristine Hide for 3000 JP, that would be worth it.  These are things we can not easily get in a few minutes time.  It would be worth farming heroics for JP for these.

Or even better, let me buy some PvP gear with my JP.  Make a couple of JP mounts that cost 4000.  How about a few JP pets that cost 4000.  Sure, those prices are outrageous, but they are something to buy, something that some people would actually farm for.

Add Chaos Orbs there for crafters or how about some fun items.  Potions that you can use to turn you into another race for 2 hours and persist even in the event of death.  I know a few people that only raid as pirates.  I bet there would be a few humans that would only raid as blood elfs and they would be glad to spend 800 JP per potion for the privilege to do it.

See, there are many more options to make JP have some uses that would not break the game but blizzard is just not thinking outside the box.  They need to add something because I am capped and I rarely even do heroics any more, I can imagine people that are way more active then me getting capped 2 or 3 times in one week.  I keep buying leather, to turn into heavy leather, which I turn into hides later on.  It is just a lot of work for nothing it seems and I always forget I am capped and sit there wasting points I could have been earning. 

If there was something worth buying I am sure as hell not going to go over max because there would be something I would have been looking forward to buying. 

For all the changes they are planning for us they seem to be doing nothing that might actually be interesting again.  Oh cool, new quest lines and new dungeons that I will finish all the first day it comes out.  Too bad there will be nothing for me to spend the JP I make doing those dungeons on.  Stop adding content when you have not even fixed the content you have out yet.  I think they need to add to what is there, to make it more enjoyable before they add new stuff that is only going to be enjoyable for 1 day and we are back to where we where before, with nothing to do.

I would gladly farm heroics all day, every day, for mounts, pets, vanity items, maelstrom crystals, etc.  I can't even stand to do them now otherwise, not even with their idiotic incentive of 2000 JP ore.


  1. When they failed to include Chaos Orbs as a crafting item purchasable with JP, I put the entire concept of JP out of my mind. I don't even care or look at my JP total anymore. I'm capped and probably always will be. Nice job, Blizz, making such currency irrelevant.

  2. How are you getting capped so easily? If you do a single Heroic a day, the most you'd get is 7x70 JP (Halls of Origination). If you somehow got that every day (and the group actually did all 7 bosses, a rarity in itself) that's just over a week to reach the cap, a reasonable length in my eyes. I never really find myself close to the cap, since I don't run multiple Heroics per day anymore as I don't need any gear, something I assume is true for you as well.

    That being said, I agree with what a waste of time the purchasable items are. I will never, ever buy those. Whenever I do approach the JP cap, I just buy some more heirlooms. I never know when I'd like to level an alt on another server to join a friend, and it's nice to have a stock of heirlooms to transfer over.

    I'm a little surprised PVP gear isn't available to buy, as I think it always was in Wrath, no? Same with Orbs. And the Hides/Maelstrom Crystals would be a very nice option. I could definitely see guilds being inspired to farm Heroics to get enough Maelstroms to enchant their raid team.

    Fun or cosmetic items like a Blood Elf shapechange would also be fun. I'd definitely try something like that.

  3. @Rades - I don't spend a lot. I but some leather and then do a couple runs and am capped again. It does not take much to recap after spending only a few.

    Sad part for me is I have all the heirlooms already. Had them all for a year even. Maybe I could buy second sets of them but until you can send them cross server there is no reason for that. On the server I have them on I have no use for them any more. All the characters are maxed basically.