Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Big Raiding Oops

Last night I logged on about an hour before raid time.  I figured I would do my JC daily on my 2 JC characters, do the fishing and cooking dailies on a few and then it would be raid time.  Did not quite work out that way however.

One of the guild members on vent asked me if I wanted to do a heroic.  I said I would like to being I have only really been doing one a week lately but we would never have enough time before raid time.  He said, there is no raid tonight.

I'm the raid leader, I know there is a raid tonight.  I'm the one that sets them up.  I ask him if I forgot to list it.  He said yes.  Oops.  I think that is the first time I have forgot to list a raid in a long time.  So I told everyone they have the night off, have fun.  I then went and did a heroic.  Only my 3rd one in 2 weeks.  I am so sick of them already.

One good thing came from it however.  I always try to drill our raiding schedule into the memory of all our members.  Listed or not, we do the same thing each week.  Thursday and Monday are progression.  Wednesday is the weekly.  Tuesday is BH.  Anything else is as listed if we want to do something.  Those things are set in stone.  Every week, no matter what.

I always had people say, when I was in my last guild and the leader forgot to list something, oh, I did not know we where raiding.  I would tell them.  We raid the same nights every week, listed or not.  Just because the leader forgot to list it does not mean we are not doing anything.  There are many more people in the guild.  A run can still be done even if the leader is not there.  But it feel on deaf ears.  People always thought that when nothing was listed that meant nothing was happening.

Oddly enough, all our raiders came on to raid anyway except for one.  That one might have missed it anyway.  They all asked if we where raiding.  I explain I forgot to list it so do what you want.  They all said, okay, but if you want to raid I am here.

How amazing is that.  Finally, for the first time in the game, I have a full crew of people that realize what a raid schedule is.  It does not need to be put up for them to know when we raid.  We might suck as far as progression goes.  We are so behind the curve it is funny but there is one thing we have that most other guilds seem to be lacking.  Good people.

I'm guessing that is the number one reason I have not left for a guild with good progression.  Skill wise I am better then most people on my server, not like that is saying much, and I have run with the number one guild on the server and did fantastic and was invited to join. 

In the end however you have to look at what is the most important thing to you.  While I would love to get all those server firsts I am comfortable getting server 40th and being with people that are just kind of cool to be with. 

I was with a serious progression guild before, they where the people that did not run when it was not listed.  My little guild that is behind things might get something down 4 months after them, but at least my guys know when we are supposed to raid and do not need it on the calender to realize it.

This whole thing does make me question being raid leader again however.  It is a role I never wanted and have been holding just waiting for someone else to come along and want to do it.  Perhaps that is just part of my game burn out.  I could have sworn I made the event.  Maybe I just forgot to hit create after I made it up.  Oh well, it happens.

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  1. I've always been in a guild with set raiding times and days, so there was no need to post, if we couldn't make it we had to post on forums because it was expected we be there otherwise.