Friday, April 1, 2011

New Addon: Easy Button

While looking through curse for a new threat plate addon I stumbled across this addon.  At first I was skeptical about what it said it could do because quite frankly it really takes the game out of the game for the most part.

The concept of the easy button at its base is that it does your rotation for you.  Being addons are not allowed to play the game for you it still requires you to click the skills of course but it leaves nothing up to chance.

It adds a new button that is movable to anywhere on the screen and you can map it to any hot key you want.  All you need to do is spam that button.  That is it.  It is the lazy damage dealers dream (also has a tank and healer option).  It always uses the best possible ability at the time.  It takes into account all procs and single target or multi target (you have to click left arrow under the button for single or the right one for multi) rotations.

It takes all the guess work out of playing a damage dealer.  No more will a Hunter have to think if they should shoot another steady or wait half a second for chimera.  The system decides for you.  If waiting half a second is the best move then chimera will be the next available option to click.  You can't make the mistake of clicking a steady because it is only one button and that one button is now a chimera button.

It will always target the mob that the tank has the highest threat on and it will switch targets for you.  It keeps track of who is on the tanks threat meter as well so no more targeting a target that is not yet in combat because of the faulty tab targeting system in game.  It will even pop up an indicator if you should move for better DPS which is amazing for a melee DPS in case they are a little to much forward while attacking from the side and getting dodged. 

That is not all the easy button does.

Check out the list of features that would be good even if it did not have the rotation manager.

- It tells you if you should need, greed or disenchant based on auction house current prices.
- It tells you if a drop is an upgrade for you.
- It tells you what you should reforge.
- It tells you what is the best enchant.
- It tells you what is the best gem.
- It tells you if a BoE is an upgrade for your other characters on that server.
- It tells you the current auction house price of BoEs.
- It shows you what forums of CC can be used on a mob when you hover over it.
- CC that the group has is yellow, doesn't have is in red.
- If you target a mob it highlights all mobs that will be pulled with it.
- The suggest CC will print to party or raid and auto mark for CC.
- If CC is about to expire it will remind everyone.

I tried the addon for my Rogue being I suck at my Rogue and watched my DPS double.  No longer was I clicking something too soon just because I had the energy.  It knew when I should be saving energy and even if I was spamming the easy button the ability did not go off until it was ready to go off.

The moment I loaded it, it told me that my spec for my Rogue was wrong and guided me through respecing.  The expected DPS that appears over the button seems to be pretty close to what I ended up with.  I am guessing I was lower because of connection because there was no way I could ever miss getting off an ability the instant that I needed to get it off because all you need to do was click one button. 

Set it to your 1 button, jam something in your keyboard, go make some coffee or pour a drink.  If it is a tank and spank fight you will come back to being the top DPS and you never needed to even be at the computer to do it.

One of the best thing is that it is not all about DPS.  It changed the next move to a kick when a kick was needed.  There are settings that you can adjust if you are not on interrupt duty so it will not add the kick option if you do not want it too but it is awesome to know that if you are on interrupt duty you will never miss an interrupt again.  You can also adjust which abilities to interrupt and which to ignore.  Works the same for tranq shot for hunters as well.

This can make anyone a fantastic DPS without any prior knowledge of the class.  If I can go from 6K DPS to 12K DPS on my Rogue in all greens (highest item is 318) then anything is possible.  Hell, I did not even think 12K DPS was possible in all low greens. 

I can't wait to test it out on my Shaman or a Feral Druid, all those complex timers on what to keep up and when to refresh are no problem now for the rookie player.  No clipping your DoTs as a Warlock ever again.  You can't clip it even if you wanted to as long as you press the easy button only.

At any time you can override the easy button by not clicking it and using something else and the easy button will always update instantly with what would be the next thing you need to hit to get back on track.  It is simply amazing.

There is also a healing mode and a tanking mode but I have yet to test them.  The healing mode and tanking mode are one button as well.  The system knows who the tank is.  Knows what heal will be most efficient and who to heal.  You can set the priority on DPS but tank is always set as first priority and yourself as second (you can change that but not sure why you would). 

For tanking you do not even need threat plates or anything.  It will always target the appropriate mob with the appropriate ability to generate maximum threat.  The auto marking system is amazing as well.  It will auto mark whatever you have the highest threat lead on so if the DPS follow the skull you will never even come close to losing threat on anything. 

If both the tank and the DPS have this addon there will never be a chance of the tank losing aggro because they work off of each other.  Tank mode marks and generates threat and DPS mode will always attack the skull.  If it becomes a gear issue the addon also notices that and will purposely adjust your DPS to allow for the maximum damage without grabbing aggro.

For the people that always said WoW was too easy, you have no idea what you are talking about until you use this, now WoW is easy.  It might as well have been rocket science compared to using this.  This turns the game into a one button wonder.

Now I can sit back and relax and live by the tag line on the easy button. 

We handle the rotation, you handle getting out of the fire.

The best part of the you moving thing is it still helps you with that as well by always putting an arrow on the screen telling you which direction would be the best to move when you should be moving.  When you reach the best spot to be an X appears in the middle of the screen.  X marks the spot.  I love that.

If you can spam one button and follow the arrows you can go from the also ran in your guild to the best player they have over night.

This is simply an amazing addon in every aspect of the word.  I just worry about those that don't use it falling so far behind because they will never be able to catch up to someone that uses it no matter how skilled they are.

Happy April Fools Day.

I bet you really wanted this didn't you?


  1. You had me going for the first four paragraphs! Good one!

  2. April 1st lol....nice