Friday, April 8, 2011

Classes & Roles: To Each Their Own

With all the talk about the goodie bags it made me think about why I like certain types of game play over others as I figure I am not unlike most other people, we all have our reasons. I'll share my opinions on which classes I like best for each role.

Ranged DPS:
- All specs. It just feels so natural.  For as much as us hunters like to complain it really feels like the hunter is the only damage dealing class even close to being done right.  Add to that a pet and tons of abilities that the number of things I use on my hunter will never be matched by another class (warlock might come close) makes them the most involved class in the game.  This makes them fun for me.

Melee DPS:
Death Knight:
- Blood spec baby.  Call it a tank spec all you want, I call it an ultimate fighting champion.  Questing, grinding, soloing, all fun with a blood DK.  Tanking?  Not as much.  Of course most people will just say that I can not choose this as my favorite Melee DPS because it is a tank spec.  Fine, if I can't choose this then nothing.  I really do not like Melee anyway.

- Discipline spec. This is how all healing classes should be but I guess if they were all like this then this would not feel as if it were the best.  My style of play means I enjoy proactive and not reactive and Disc is the most proactive healing class in the game.  Not to mention that prayer of mending is the greatest sound in the game.  I always feel so natural when healing in disc as opposed to any other healing class.  Sure there are things I would love to steal from other classes but I'll live, none of them are as awesome as a disc priest is over all.

Tank: (Tie)
- I call them my rage monsters.  It might be in part because of the mechanics of rage that I like them so much.  Rage just seems like the perfect resource for a tank.  They both have a few things the same and a few things different.  I wish I could meld them into one and fix the tiny things that each one has that I do not like.  I would love for my bear to generate rage when they charge like my warrior does.  All in all the mechanics of the bear and the warrior just feel right.  Behind the hunter I think the warrior is the best designed class in the game even taking into account my hate for melee.

I know many will not agree with me and that is a good thing.  If everyone thought the same way about stuff then the game would get really boring.  For me, these are my favorite classes for each role in the game.  To each their own.  The most important thing is you like playing what you play.

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