Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hunter Bugs All Over in 4.1

Misdirect does not misdirect to pets.
Feign Death does not drop aggro if you are not in a group.
Targets are not auto selected.
Casting Hunter's Mark pulls some things. (like the first boss of ZG)
There seems to be a half second GCD addition after some abilities.

There were more but they do not seem to pop into mind at the moment.

One bug is something they are calling a feature, the targets are not auto selected thing.  Excuse me?  Because some bad hunters where accidentally pulling packs you have to completely disable our attacks and make us click everything.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to pick a target out of a pack in a battleground by manually clicking or by tab targeting?

The idea was to stop something like Cobra shot from firing on a different target should its target die while it is in mid cast.  Okay, I am completely fine with that. 

What I am not fine with is if I shoot I want it to automatically find my next target for me.  I'll take it from there on what I should do.  I am a good hunter, my accidental pulls can be counted on one hand per year at most.

Auto target for me and I can tab from there if need be, I just want it to target something, anything.  I do not want to spend the next 3 or 4 seconds, all a DPS loss, trying to find the damn target in a pack or playing with tab that seems to target everything in the room under me, the room over me, the pack on the other side of the wall to my left, the other side of the wall to my right and then decides to target the mob that is standing directly in front of me.

Why exactly was this change done?

There is no reason what so ever for it and in truth it is one of the few reasons that a Hunter is the only DPS character I play.  I like that auto targeting.  I hate casters because I have to do that tab target bull and I will never play a caster seriously because I hate trying to find mobs in the middle of a group.

Mind you, I use a bar addon that manages threat for me and displays things for easy targeting.  When kiting large packs it is fantastic for seeing which add might be about to get away.  I click the large bar (large because I am losing it so it makes it easy for me to get it back) and then shoot away.  So I can target in a pack.  I just choose not to when doing trivial content.  I like letting my auto target take over.

When questing I move with my mouse and click 5 over and over.  It is my arcane shot.  It auto selects the target, usually one shots it, and I keep rolling.  It makes questing extremely quick. 

It is also a nice way to make sure you hit a target while waiting for it to spawn.  Three or four others camping it?  No problem.  Spam arcane shot and the second it starts to spawn you have it tagged without even needing to be watching the screen.

In a busy battle ground auto targeting will usually get you the next target in range when you shoot. 

It is also a fantastic way to get a runner.  Spam concussive shot, the second the runner comes in range it is auto targeted and slowed for others to catch up to them.

There are dozens of reasons why auto target select was amazing.  I can not think of one reason it needed to be removed.

For this reason, it is a bug, not a feature.

Disabling Cobra from finding a new target mid cast is a feature, this is something completely different.

I hope they fix this soon, otherwise I have no intention of raiding on my Hunter again any time soon.  Some fights having it auto target are almost a requirement.


  1. I agree with you 100%, usually in dungeon on trash pulls I sometimes spam multishot and its keeps auto targeting until they are dead. But now I have to select and then shoot and sometimes they have died by then, so I have to select another, major loss of DPS!

  2. That is majorly annoying when your multi kills something and you can not continue shooting.

    Tab just loves to pick wrong targets where just auto shooting seemed to pick a more accurate target most of the time.

  3. I agree 100%, its frikkin annoying when trying to do as much aoe dps as possible by spamming multishot but then you need to manually change target when current one dies... Actually do less dps now with multishot than before even with the 250% dps boost since i need to manyally target a new mob every few seconds with weaker mobs.

  4. All of the above comments are right on the mark. What Blizz should do is to disable the autoshot if the target dies mid-cast but if the player then again hits the shot the autoshot should reactivate. This would fix the "bug" but also aleviate the problem of trying to pick a new target out of a mob (which is a huge DPS and time loss).

  5. #showtooltip
    /cast Multi-Shot

    That macro fixes the autotargeting, press once to target closest mob and second to start shooting like normal. Same ofc works with all attacks.

  6. @Anonymous

    That one looks nicer then the one I made, I might have to change all mine around.


  7. 100% agree.

    thrilled to find this blog. I'm so sick of the Frostheim dogma that i almost quit playing a hunter because of the assinine advice he spills out on wowinsider.

    you're doing great work here. love your point of view.

    keep it up!