Wednesday, April 27, 2011

4.1 - The Good and The Bad

I should also say the ugly.

Having no addons to start meant it got really ugly right off the bat.  I popped on my JC first to do the daily and it was the goo.  I figure, no biggie, I'll just do it and then restart with load out of date addons.

Missing all my bars is one thing, if it was a big deal I could have restarted but it was no biggie.  I had enough skills to easily kill mobs on my main bar.  None of the numbers worked at all.  Now that is no fun.  I kept trying to hit numbers and nothing happened.  I had to click everything.  It took some getting used to.

I did both dailies and then restarted.  Now on my hunter with out of date addons enabled.  I was lagging like a mofo.  I rarely if ever lag, I have a solid connection with a good computer.  The game was near unplayable.  One of my guild mates said to disable recount and it would go away.  They where right, it worked.

Now to doing the troll quest line and the ugly continued.  My pet seemed to not be able to hold aggro for anything.  I was even sending the pet first and letting it attack for a couple of seconds.  One autoshot and I had aggro.

I am not used to needing to use MD on every pull, usually a pet can hold something for at least 3 seconds and I can kill nearly any normal mob before it gets to me with that.

Now for the really ugly.  I try using MD and I fire one shot and the mob comes straight for me.  WTF?  I normally would MD to my pet and go about my day, never having any issues because the mob was dead before I ever needed to worry.

I send pet first, wait 3 seconds, MD, fire an auto shot.  The mob comes flying at me again.  Damn, maybe I should switch to my tanking pet.  Might be something with these quest mobs for the troll quests.

After I switch, more of the same happens.  Even my tank pet can not hold a mob from 1 auto shot, with a MD and 3 seconds lead time.

So the mob is coming toward me and I FD and it does nothing.  The mob gets to me and starts beating on my body laying there faking it is dead.  Oh hell no.

I pop open omen, usually I do not keep it open when questing alone with my pet, and go to take a more detailed look at what is going on.

MD does absolutely nothing.  It does not send threat to my pet, it does not even reduce mine.  I get full threat from the first shot after.  MD does nothing what so ever.

I tried it a few times just to make sure and that is exactly what is happening.  MD is dead.  Even sending my pet in and hitting mend pet once was enough to grab aggro from my pet.

Tested FD as well and guess what?  You got it, it does not dump threat at all.  Not after one try, two tries, or three tries, it does nothing what so ever now.

The good part of that ugly news is that it only pertains to pets.  MD and FD seem to be working fine when I am in a group, just not when I am solo any more.  I hope they fix that.

I did my quests for the trolls the old way.  I had to kite every mob.  PvP in my PvE, oh joy.  At least I got some extra PvP style practice.

That was the ugly, the bad was not all that much.  There where annoying bugs like if you die not being able to come back in.  My first random was ZG and the tank pulled the first boss and dropped group, this is why tanks do not deserve any gift bags, to many are like that.  We died, we all DCed, we all took 10 minutes trying to get back into the game.

More bad was it seems my pet now dies every single pull almost.  Not sure why or how, it just always dies.

We got a guild tank and requeued and got ZA.

It worked out a bit better, I would even call it the good.  Over all I think that was a bit easier then the other Cataclysm heroics when I first got to them.  We wiped once on each boss but after seeing it we downed the boss easily the next time.  All but the firehawk guy.  We wiped on him 8 times.  No kidding.

The dungeon was fun and I can see it being pretty much a cake walk in time.  First time through is always a learning experience however.  One time we had killed both the adds on the firehawk guy both times he called them and all the dragonhawks came out at one time.

My recount did not work but someone else told me I was pulling 120K DPS before we wiped.  How awesome is that.  Can you tell I was running as survival?

The good was now I can buy PvP gear with all those previously useless justice points.  Have to love that.  I want to get into PvP more now that I am bored and looking for things to do but being I had so little PvP gear, only two pieces, I did not want to get to deep into it.  I will grind some gear and get going now.  Love that.

There are a lot of other little good things that I liked and lots and lots of undocumented changes I noticed by accident.  All get placed in the good area I would say.

I got a whole mess of achievements when I logged in which is always nice.  My next archeology find will be one of the new rares, which means I finally get my professor title.

Over all, the first day after a major patch like this was not as bad as we have seen in the past.  Some lag issues, some connection issues, but that was about it.  Minor frustration but nothing too bad.

I look forward to getting into ZG again and getting that one done.  Wonder if it will be as easy over all as ZA was.

Over all I would say I am mildly pleased with the patch even if it is not what the game needed to get back on track it was good over all.  Most of the stuff I liked was all undocumented stuff.  I should try making a list and posting them so people can check for themselves.  Trust me, if you look around, there are tons of cool little things done that we heard nothing about.  Cosmetic, sure, nice, yes.  I'll take my good where I can get it nowadays.

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