Monday, April 4, 2011

Born: Warrior Stats: 4 Days 13 Hours

My Warrior is finally grown up.  Hitting 85 yesterday in less then 5 days was a given really.  It is not the fastest but surely a nice and quick trip through the levels.

His story is a simple one.  He started out as Protection only.  I leveled with a friend that was playing a fire mage for a while which was a great way for me to learn to keep aggro.  Around the late 40s I started questing on my own. 

I stayed Protection only for a long time.  Stance dancing taught me a little something about playing characters where it was needed.  It did get frustrating however and I never really felt like a tank until I was able to charge in defensive stance.  Once I hit level 50 I had that feeling that now I am a tank.

Somewhere around level 72 I decided I wanted a DPS spec as well and bought dual spec finally.  I decided on Arms.  Not really a favorite of many but I liked the style and being I am the one playing it that is really all that matters.

I had gotten tired of tanking and even more so tanking wrath content.  It seemed as if the entire world changed once you reached wrath.  While from a tanking standpoint wrath was the easiest to tank it seems it was also when everyone in the game went instantly brain dead and forgot how to play. 

So I would queue up as DPS.  Didn't really change anything.  I ended up tanking at least a part of the runs I actually did go on because all the tanks sucked.  I got into the habit of making a macro to equip my sword and board and using it and switching to defensive to save the healer at least 5 or 6 times per run.

I only did two dungeons in Cataclysm content while leveling, both guild runs so there were no issues.  It showed me how the effective of leveling hurts you in Cataclysm.  At level 81 I was pulling 8K-11K DPS at leave 83 I was pulling 6K-8K and I am willing to guess now that I am 85 I will be pulling 4K-6K if the numbers stay in line.  I do 4500 while questing so that seems like it would be somewhat accurate.  Leveling is like a penalty.  It is worse on healers however.

So now I am 85, what to do?  I want to do it again with another character and do it in less then 4 days with no heirlooms or anything bonus, just on rested.  I am sure that with no professions it would be easy.  I would easily say one day of play time was dedicated to leveling professions.  That does not address this guy however.  What does his future hold?

I jumped over to my Blacksmith to see what starting gear I could make my Warrior, DPS or Tank, to start out with.  In a matter of minutes I said, screw this crap.  I have more then enough Chaos Orbs on my blacksmith to make a few pieces so that was not the problem. 

It was the truegold requirements that turned me off on making them instantly.  Six truegold for one piece, are you freaking high?  On my server it would cost me around 700 gold to make one, or 1000 gold to buy one.  Which means one piece of gear will cost me a butt load.  Hell no, not today, thank you kindly.

I can not in my right mind spend that much gold to get a piece of gear that all I need to do is beat a boss and hope the random number gods are on my side that day at get it for free.  Free is much better then almost 10K for 1 piece of gear any day.  Not to mention I need to gear up for two specs.  If it were 1 or 2 pieces of truegold I would build my tank set, spam dungeons, spam raids, and get all the gear I wanted.  Like this, my warrior will most likely sit in green until the second or maybe third tier of raids come out.

Sad really.  I like tanking on my warrior.  I just can't deal with the gearing up required again and doing normals and then heroics with the batch of people this system puts me together with.  That is one of the reasons I am a big supporter of nerfing the ever living crap out of heroics.  Not because they are hard but because it seems that every random group I get in seems to get at least two of the four random people that have recently had a partial lobotomy or something.  These people are not bad players, calling them bad would be a compliment.

Maybe they should introduce another type of heirloom.  It seems blizzard loves to help people level alts easier.  Next step is helping people gear up alts easier.  How about a new key system that allows you to get into heirloom dungeons.  Basically you get one character to max level.  Get it to a certain gear level and then spend something big like 40000 gold, 4000 justice points and 4000 valor points and you get a BoA heroic key that allows you access to stupid easy heroics.  Dungeons that take only 15 minutes max and always drop the top level gear for current pre raid content.  Burn through, gear up alts.  Ah, the joy that would be.

It would not mean you would not get some bad players, hell still lots of bad players.  I can probably point out thousands of players that suck that would be able to afford those numbers but at least you can say they paid their dues.  The earned that key that allowed them into the heirloom dungeons and being the heirloom dungeons would be stupid easy anyway their lack of ability would not really hurt anyone. 

Call it welfare gear if you want, I do not care.  I just do not have the patience to deal with the average player (read: horrible) in the random system any more with content that actually requires at least 4 brain cells and I am not going to bug guild mates to help me gear up an alt. 

So my warrior was born at 4 days and 13 hours and it was abandoned 10 minutes later after looking at the cost to craft starting gear.  I guess that makes me a bad parent to abandon my new baby so soon but there is only so much abuse a person can take before they become a broken person beaten to the point of submission and I've taken more then enough in the gearing up process of the 6 characters that came before him so I refuse to do it again.

Time will nerf the dungeons as people get more gear.  Blizzard will nerf the dungeons even further as time goes by as well.  Craftables will go down in price as will current 359 BoE which on my server are up to 46500 gold, no kidding. They are really that price on my server.  By the time Firelands comes out I am sure their will be new craftables and all the previous tier stuff will drop like a rock.  I'll gear up my warrior then and start his quest from that point on.

Summing up on a side note.

Dear Blizzard,

If anyone buys a BoE for 46500 please ban their account for buying gold.  There is no need to check the background of the person.  There is no need to make sure they bought gold.  If someone pays 46500 for a BoE that will be replaced the first time they step into a raid or save up points to buy a piece of set gear they are either retarded or buying gold.  Either way, banning them would be good for the game.

Thank you,
The Grumpy Elf.

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