Monday, April 11, 2011

New Cooking and Fishing Dailies

I was as happy as a pink haired female Gnome in a sparkle factory when I heard about blizzard adding the new cooking and fishing dailies in each factions two other major cities.

Why exactly would a grumpy elf like myself be so happy about something so seemingly simple like that?  Well, for starters, when I think about things that are added to the game, removed from the game or changed in the game I always try to look at things from a broader perspective.

I don't look at changes and see how they effect me only.  I look at how they effect the game as a whole.

Right now, if you did not roll a Human or an Orc you might never even know there where fishing and cooking dailies for a long time.  New players tend to roll with what they are given.  As the game is now so linear and there is no reason to explore why would a night elf ever find their way to stormwind to even know a fishing or cooking daily existed.

Adding them to the other cities is a huge plus for the new players of the game.  It will give something to grab their attention.  It is something to make people feel like they need to log on daily to do them.  That is good for the game.

I know why Exodar and Silvermoon do not have dailies but I feel that they should have added them there as well.  While they are BC main cities they are still main cities and they loose out on the thing that made me so happy about this addition, the ability for new players to get introduced to a daily right off from the start. 

The designers have to start thinking about the game as a whole and not a series of expansion.  One of the biggest design issues they have is doing things like that, I understand it, but it is also the biggest failing in my opinion.

For the cooking and fishing dailies this has been a huge plus for new and old players alike.  If you have been playing you have more dailies that are nice and easy.  If you where slacking on leveling cooking and fishing this is a nice easy way to catch up on it.

This would work as the perfect chance for them to streamline cooking and fishing throughout the game and not just make it expansion specific.

Here is what needs to be done.

1) Add a cooking and fishing daily to Exodar and Silvermoon.
2) Change the Shat Dailies to offer skill and a token as well.
3) Add a vendor to sell recipes in Shat.
4) Convert some recipes that used to cost gold and did not require rep to needing tokens to buy.
5) Put those at the new Shat vendor.
6) Change all the Dal dailies to offer skill and a token as well.
7) Convert all current Dal cooking tokens to SW/ORG ones.
8) Convert all things you bought with Dal tokens one to the new ones.
9) Change a bunch of the old cooking recipes that costs gold into costing tokens.
10) Add some more fun stuff to buy like a chef's apron.

There you go, now all cities have streamlined cooking and fishing dailies.  Now there is only one type of cooking token that spans everything. Now there is something for people under 425 skill to use them on, you can use them all the way up.

Lets face it, with three city dailies as it is by the time you reach 425 cooking you will have 100s of tokens and basically no use for them.  Adding all levels of cooking recipes means you can use them during your entire leveling process.

And their big worry, people stockpiling for the next expansion?  Well, I have a fix for that too.  When the new expansion comes out change all old tokens to something different like "expired cooking token" and at the vendor have something where you can exchange it for a new token, but not more then 5 per day.  Now people can not stockpile and even if they do they can only convert a few a day.  Sounds like a solid plan if you ask me.

I like the new changes, I just wish they went a little further.  Give us some dailies in the other two cities at least, for the new players.  I am glad that people that are just starting the game will now have a chance to find the dailies instead of having to stumble across the two main cities before they do.  Nice update.


  1. I stumbled across your blog by Googling "Dailies in Silvermoon." I guess I know my answer now. =)

    1. Yeah, there really aren't any sadly. Blizzard forgot to add the BC races when they added the fishing and cooking dailies to the other cities.

  2. Was googling for Exodar cooking/fishing dailies, which brought me here.
    We're now in the year 2014 (closing in on 2015) and yeah, still no fishing/cooking dailies in Exodar... still some poor-ass design on the cookiecrumb/pointer quests with Draenei in general too:
    - Every other race (at least on alliance side) has these starter quests that you pick up, then at the end of the particular NPC's questline they direct you to another one (for the mainline or sideline quests in starter areas, that is) unless you're a draenei.
    What's that, you're new and you picked a Draenei for your first toon?
    Well, let us here at Blizzard welcome you with a big middlefinger...

    1. They really need to upgrade the BC factions, the blood elves are in the same position. I think blizzard sometimes forgets there is more to the game than just "current" and even in older places like exodar, adding something like a cooking and fishing daily would make for good vibes and is good for the game.