Thursday, April 7, 2011

Make Me Tank. I Dare You!

Mounts and Pets aren't going to do it for me.

I've got two level 85 tanks and at least a small amount of ability to tank.  Enough that I can get by with competent people.

The Call To Arms is Blizzards attempt to limit the number of DPS in the queue, at least that is how it is being advertised to us right?

I sense a disturbance in the force Luke.

If I queue up with three DPS from my guild that means there are three DPS less in the queue right?  So I helped lower the number of DPS in queue.  Where is my bag?

Someone in my guild says they are about to queue up for a random and I say, I'll tank for you so you can get a quicker queue if you want.  Maybe we even grab another DPS or even two.  I just lowered the number of DPS in the queue.  Where is my bag?

I've already done my run today and another DPS wants to run so I join him and we do our dungeon.  That was one less DPS that had to enter the queue, I made it better for everyone.  Where is my bag?

What do you mean I am not getting a bag?  Wasn't the idea to lower the queue time of DPS?  I just ran three dungeons with a total of 7 DPS from my guild.  That is 7 DPS that are not in the queue.  I helped lower the load on the system.  How come I am not getting my bag?

Because I did not run it alone?  Why should I run it alone?

If the three DPS in my guild enter the queue and I enter alone it accomplishes nothing different then me going with the three of them.

The end result is those three DPS have their run, I have my run.  Why could we not have had our run together and I get the bag?

I now have to take my chances on getting in a group with bad DPS where it becomes hell.  They now have to enter the system and maybe get a ret pally that just wanted a bag and queued as a tank for it and have a horrible time.

All three of the DPS and myself now just had a miserable time in the dungeon system.  A bad time playing a game gives us a bad feeling about the game.  Wouldn't we have been better off having a good time running together?

It still would have removed three DPS from the system so I want my bag.  You said I would get my bag for helping lighten the load of all the DPS in queue.  Where is my bag?

Maybe I have to suck it up.  Now, to help my guild I have to run with them so they do not have to wait.  Now I have to run again with three random DPS just so I can get a bag?

But there are three more DPS in my guild on now that need a random.  Can I just run with them too, thus taking 6 DPS out of the system and get my bag?   No?  Why?

Isn't that what this is supposed to be for, helping lower the number of people in the system as DPS.  I am doing everything I can and you still will not give me my freaking bag.

I have a feeling I am being lied to and taken advantage of here because I am a tank.

I've tanked for my guild mates.  I've tanked second runs for my guild mates.  I've tanked third runs for my guild mates.  I've taken so many DPS out of the queue by running with them that if all tanks did this it has to make a difference right?

Yet you do not want to give me a reward because I did not do it solo?

I thought this whole expansion was about guild achievements, guild rewards, guild leveling, guild, guild, guild and now you are telling me because I actually help my guild mates I can't have a bag?

Isn't this a contradiction to what your intention was?

I am doing everything right.

I am running with guild.

I am tanking for DPS even if I do not need a random.

I am tanking for DPS even if I do not want to tank.

And I get no bag because I refused to tell my guild to go screw themselves and get their own random because I want a vanity item.

If you really want me to tell the DPS in my guild to go screw themselves you are seriously going to need to up the ante Blizzard.

I am not going to be bought by some stupid idea like this and anyone that can be bought by it should get a swift guild kick for being selfish when they know there are DPS on that need to get their random in.

Either give the tanks the bag for going with guild and thus removing three DPS from the queue or do not give the bag at all.

The three DPS removed are still three DPS removed.  If they come from guild or queue should not make a difference.  That is still making the load lighter for those in queue.

This idea will not get me to tank randoms.  Not even close.

Make me tank a random Blizzard, I dare you.

I'll bet you that it will not happen as easily as you think this will for me or for many others.

The challenge has been issued Blizzard, Make me tank.

Not going to happen.


  1. I -might- be tempted to queue alone if CTA nixxed repair costs for the dungeon, so that the wipes didn't equal 5-10x the gold earned.

    Even then, it's iffy, the verbal abuse and blame game is horrible in there!

  2. I used to have to yell at people on my bear. I had a few choice ones.

    "If you hit something before I do, You can take him home to meet mommy because I am not going to save you from him raping you."

    "If I don't have his blood on my paws when you hit him your blood is going to be on his. Good Luck with that."

    I had macros for about 6 of them but lost them all when 4.0.1 came out for some reason. It was a sad day.

    I never remade them because my days of randoms as a tank are long behind me now.

  3. LOL,
    Honestly I think Blizz is trying to get new tanks to get interest. A lot of high lv tanks belong to guilds and dont require the solo PuG or the LFD for that matter. Personally, I think it's a good idea, it "might" encourage more players to learn tanking skills and create more avialability. Personally I just hate all the repair costs, but a few extra perks might be nice too. Most of the time, I run with my guild as I am raising my tank up the ladder. If it's just me and my wife, she hops on her healer then we run till we are bored with instances, then go back to questing. This fix isn't going to do much for Lv 85's and especially not those in Raid Crews. It may however get the new generation of WoW players who have just discovered WoW during Cata to take on the role of a tank.

  4. When you are queuing with DPS you aren't solving the problem of there being less DPS in the queue since there is still the same amount. If you queue alone you are taking 3 dps out of the queue inthe process. That is Blizzards thinking. This is supposed to decrease Queue time for over represented specs and increase the amount of less representated specs in the queue. I think it will work honestly. Think of it this way. The tank that is full raid geared and doesn't have the rewards will now enter the queue again because he has a reason too. So not only will more people try out tanking and healing, but those that are "good" players will be coming back to queue again. Win on all accounts in my opinion.

  5. @Gauss

    I understand their reasoning. My post was more tongue in cheek however even if the point it tries to get through is valid.

    If a tank and 3 DPS all queue solo and do their run once or a tank and 3 DPS all queue together and do a run once the end result is exactly the same. One tank and 3 DPS are done doing what they are doing. Why should one tank get the bonus and the other not. They both did the exact same thing.

    In the end, a bag is not going to get my to run as a tank. As far as I am concerned the problem with the system has nothing to do with the game, the rewards, or the difficultly levels, the problem is with the people playing it. As much as they want blizzard can not fix that by giving me bags of junk.

    If they want me to start running as a tank they should start a penalty system of some sort so people that queue up for a heroic and suck stop queuing.

    3 day bans from using the LFD system would be a nice start. But how do you judge who should be banned because they are bad or who just made a mistake? We all make mistakes. That is why they can never fix the problem.

  6. @TheGrumpyElf
    According to a Blizzard post, completing a random heroic with random strangers is harder than with people you know. That's why the "Luck of the Draw" buff exists.

    According to every blog I've read, PuGing is not only often harder, but more frustrating. PuGing with a stranger is not the same as running with a guildy. When you run with guildies you are rewarded with a smoother and less stressful run (hopefully). All tanks already enjoy near instant queues (so there isn't a reward there). So all that is left is a goody bag. And as you (and others) mention, it won't change YOUR mind.

    In fact nobody knows what affect it will have, not even Blizzard. So it experiments. An MMO lets you do that.

  7. Bill says:

    "In fact nobody knows what affect it will have, not even Blizzard. So it experiments."

    From reading his post, I feel I can accurately predict what effect this change will have on Grumpy's liklihood to queue in LFD (none). Likewise, I don't intend to enter LFD by myself again, rewards or not. From talking with other tanks, this attitude towards LFD is fairly common. Given this, I feel I can predict, with at least in-the-ballpark accuracy, that the supply of tanks in LFD will not significantly change.