Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quick and Easy Guide to Zul 5 Mans

Some people say watch the videos.  Some say read the strats.  I say I hate them both.  90% of all fights in game can be summed up in three lines or less.  With that in mind I present my little guide on all Zul bosses.


Aki'Zon (Eagle Boss)
1) Switch to Amani Kidnapper when it picks someone up.
2) Stack under person lifted up during electrical storm.

Nalorakk (Bear Boss)
1) Have at least 2, preferably 3, people alternate at being furthest to get hit by the surge.
2) If you get hit by the surge make sure you run in after.

Jan'alai (Dragonhawk Boss)
1) Avoid Flame Breath.
2) Avoid Fire Bombs
3) Also kill one Hatcher when they spawn to keep from having to many hawks up.
4) AoE hawks.

Halazzi (Lynx Boss)
1) Move boss from Water Totem and ranged should stand in it.
2) Do not DPS lynx, stay on boss, they share a life pool and lynx has no threat meter.
3) Only switch off boss for the Corrupted Lightning Totem.

Hex Lord Malacrass
1) CC one add, down the second, burn the boss.
2) When he Shipon's Soul on sometimes make sure to interrupt any heals.

1) Can be any of the four animals.  Handle them as before.
2) One exception, kill the lynx if the transforms and summons one of them.
3) Cyclones are a new thing from the eagle, just avoid them and kill the totem.

There you go, ZA done and for the most part all bosses explained in 3 lines or less.


High Priest Venoxis
1) Run from the person you are linked to.
2) Avoid standing in the Venomous Effusion. (it is always in the same place, once you see it once or twice you will learn the safe places.)
3) Avoid Bloodvenom by running through the maze of Venomous Effusion.

Bloodlord Mandokir
1) Avoid Devastating Slam and the spikes they shoot out.
2) Always switch to Raptor / Reanimated Raptor.

1) Which ever 1 player is not in the nightmare, break someone else out.  That someone then breaks everyone else out.  The mobs are one shot kills, should be easy for anyone.

High Priestess Kilnara
1) Interrupt Tears of Blood whenever able.
2) Kill all panthers before 50% by having the tank drag the boss into one pen at a time.

1) When he casts the toxic cloud, click the green cauldron to survive.
2) When the large add comes, click the blue cauldron and free him. (Preferably a ranged) If he is targeting you, run.
3) When the many small adds come, melee click the red cauldron, it is like a locks hell fire, if you are at range do not click it.

Jin'do the Godbreaker
Phase 1:
1) Get in the bubble.
2) Get boss out of the bubble.
Phase 2:
1) Kill adds, kill order is exposed chain then spirits.
2) Tank grabs a Gurubashi Spirit and when it goes to Body Slam someone, that person must stand on a encased chain, this is to break the chain.
3) Avoid the circles on the ground.

And there you go, ZG bosses explained in basically 3 lines or less in most cases.

There is of course more to these but these are the main things that if you know them you should be able to make it through all fights easily or at least fake it like you know it.

In my opinion the ZA and ZG heroics are 100 times easier then the other Cataclysm heroic where when they first came out.

Now go enjoy looking like a pro without having to watch videos with commentary that is off topic or distracting or without needing the read long and drawn out details on the fight that is only information overload because most of it is not needed.

This is a KISS article, Keep It Simple Stupid.

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  1. Nice post :) I have bookmarked it for when I get some time to get back into WoW and tank these new instances.