Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran of the Shifting Sands

I got the quest line done and now when 4.0.3 hits, it is it Cataclysm, I will have the Veteran of the Shifting Sands achievement.  Some rumors are going around that there might be a title added for it called of the Shifting Sands which sounds kind of cool.  If there is I will wear it at least for a little while.

A few guild mates of mine came along with me as I finished up the quests telling me stories about what it was like back in the day when the gates where first opened.  I wish I were there.  In terms of a world event the way they remember it really shine bright as a true world event.  Of course every looks back and sees things through rose colored glasses but even some of the videos I saw online of it seem to come off showing that is really was as amazing of an event as they made it out to be.

I am so glad to be done with all that running around and collecting and raiding and questing but I am also glad that I got a chance to do it before it was taken out.  It is a long journey but for anyone that likes to explore the old world and read the quests it was well worth the effort and the time involved.

One quest I have now that it is all done.  What the hell do I do with that Scepter now?  I will not throw it away as I am a junk collector with stuff like that but it really does serve no purpose what so ever.  I wish it were something we can use.  Even if it was a super low stat item that was for vanity only.  That would be fun to wear.  I took the sword from the quest reward at the end and that looks awesome.  It will go into my throwback set now.  That and my epic bow.  I'll be styling for sure.

Now to find the next task.  40 exalted before Cataclysm?  I'm at 34 now.  Was 35 but it went down one when I started the switch to Frenzyheart.  Will be back to 35 in 8 days.  Now to find myself 5 more factions I can grind.

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