Monday, November 29, 2010

General Observations.


- You can do the cooking daily at any level, why isn't there anything to buy with the awards until higher skill then?

- The fishing daily will not appear if you never trained fishing.

- They give great experience for leveling characters, seems a bit over compensating at the moment.


- Woohoo, I get to play as a Naga with my Slitherblade Charm.

- The quest line is bugged at Deep Impact so the rest of the chain can not be done.

- You can still get the Desolace Quests achievement even with that bugged quest.

- That means I get to keep my Slitherblade Charm that turns in into a Naga.

- It only works in Desolace, it does not say that, I feel ripped off now.  I wanted to raid as a Naga.

Ret Paladin

- Didn't I used to have an AoE spell that used Holy Power?

- I hate talent resets sometimes.

- Okay, I got my keys set back up but I am missing that AoE spell.  Why can't I remember what it was.

- Was it Divine Shield?  I think it was.  Doesn't seem to require Holy Power now.

- If it was not Divine Shield what the hell was it?

- Okay, reset my talents if you want to but stop fucking removing shit from my bar.  Black it out if I can not use it any more.  Leave my bar in tact next time.

- I don't care what race I am, I want my freakin horse back.

Talent Resets

- Okay, I wanted to change my Bear around some.  But it is not a healer, why reset it.

- My Shaman is not a healer, why was it reset.  Screw it.  I am not even going to bother respecing now.

- My druid offspec could use work but being I can not be a tree any more I have little interest in healing with it.

- Now I need to make a new Disc and new Holy spec.  Blah.  At least they are easy, it is not like there are a lot of choices.

- Might make my offspec Disc PvP again.  I've no interest in Holy.

- Why was a Ret Pally, Enhance Shaman and Feral Druid reset, none of them are healers?


- I am going to have to wait until flying to get the three achievements in Azshara.

- As Alliance you can get to there the quest giver is and it is really fun to get there without a flying mount.  I suggest trying it.

- Being Alliance can not get the quest there is really no reason to do it other then it is cool.  Be prepared to hearth out if you do it before flying comes in.

- Where the hell do I catch a Bloated Salmon needed for The Oceanographer?  Three hours of fishing in the "old" places it could be caught and nothing.

- That one, and Raw Summer Bass are going to hold me up from completing that one right now.  Have to wait for summer to catch the bass.


- Buru the Gorger is my newest boss pet.  It was a super easy tame compared to The Beast.

- Hell, it was a super easy tame compared to King Krush.

- Quite possibly the easiest tame in the game, even my level 14 fox did more damage to me when I tamed it the other day.

- Start tame at max distance, he will be tamed before he gets to you. Wow, hard huh?

- Got plenty of the new questing achievements.

- I am worried about Earthen Ring and Wildhammer however.  There are quest givers for them, should I do them now or wait until the rep counts?

- Do they even award rep for the new factions?

- Hell, I should just get it done anyway.

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