Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fun With Pets

Last weekend before we did a Blackwing Lair run we had to get a few people attuned to get into it which meant a run through Upper Blackrock Spire of course.  On our way through UBRS it occurred to me that I do not have a Core Hound yet and there is the Core Hound of all Core Hounds in UBRS.  The Boss known as The Beast.

Of course that meant I needed to tame him and that is exactly what I did.  It took quite some time.  The Beast was not what you would call a friendly tame.  He kept turning his attention to my friends and he kept interrupting my tame beast.

It took a good 10 minutes, I would guess, before I was able to land a tame beast on him.  When I finally did not only did I get a pet that has epic loot inside of him and pristine hide of the beast of course but I had a skull level pet.  My pet appears as ?? (Boss) to anyone that looks at him.

That is freaking awesome.  Imagine someone that does not know any better seeing this big red core hound, even bigger with bestial wrath kicking in of course, barreling at them with full drool going on and this ?? (Boss) tag and skull on him.  I could see someone running for the hills because they do not know any better.

One of the fun things about it is on my pet panel it says my pet is level 1.  Whenever I level the pet up it says that my pet has reached level 1.  It is a fun pet to have.  Sure it goes thump thump thump all the time, even when standing still but it says it is a boss and has a skull so that makes up for it some. 

They really need to quiet those things down, they are too damn loud.  Love the portable heroism/bloodlust as well.  Funny thing is that my Hunter is alliance and the pets debuff says that people can not benefit from bloodlust again.  That should not be a problem.  I doubt my alliance group members will be getting the bloodlust buff on them any time soon.  I am going to have to try with a friend to see if we can do both heroism and bloodlust at the same time, or back to back more specifically.  I doubt it would work but it would be interesting to see.

So what do you name the biggest, baddest, reddest core hound in the game?  Beast of course.  I mean, that is his name right?  It is not like it was some wild animal that I tamed.  It was a named animal so I keep its name.

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