Friday, November 19, 2010

Collecting Some New Pets

When 4.0.03a launches we will have the ability to tame a few new pets.  Needless to say like any good Hunter I am already looking to find some new companions to travel with.  Over at Petopia, the pet bible, they have a great page just dedicated for Cataclysm pet additions.

Some I will need to wait to get but others I can pick up as soon as 4.0.3a is released.

So far it is looking like these babies will be on my hit list.

Purple Scarab Beetle - Might even name him Dung but I have a feeling that will be over used.  A purple beetle for a Night Elf Hunter just goes without saying. However, in Uldum at 83, I will be waiting on him some.  There are other beetles I can get now but they are not purple.  Might grab one of them just to test it out however.

Fox - I want one just for the dance.  Something fun to pass the time after a wipe.  Just have not decided on what color to roll with yet.

Purple Shale Spider - This baby I have to wait on as well being it will not exist come 4.0.3a but it is on my list for sure.  The buff will be fantastic to have for solo or grouping and purple is just, well purple.  I want a yellow one too but there is no use wasting two spaces on the same type of pet.

The other two new classes, Dog and Monkey do not really interest me.  Dog is just a wolf in my opinion and Monkey, while it does fling poo and you have to love that, does not have any skins that really interest me.

There are some pets with a few new skins that I would consider but am not really pouring over them just yet.  I do want to get the one tiger that I saw posted on someones blog that you can only get during a quest.  Damned if I can remember what it was called or where it was.

All I know is it is a level 85 Tiger in a phased 83 area.  Which means if I quest through there and miss it then I can never get it.  I'll go through my blog roll and the dozens of hunter links I have saved and find who posted about it and probably note it here so others can see which one I am talking about.  It is like my ZG tiger, but with glowing eyes.  Have to love that, can't miss it.

I'll need to make sure I do not do that quest line until I am level 85 so that way I can tame it.  Whichever area he is in I will just completely avoid and then go back at 85 and grab him.  From early reports it seems like everyone will be 85 in less then one day anyway, so it is not like I will have to wait long at all to get him.

Now to go searching for him again.  Will update this when I find him.

Found it over at the Brew Hall.  Now to make sure I remember this later.

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